Company Info

AZ-Pack specializes in packaging materials. The company’s main activities include the production and sales of Doy-Pack (Stand Up Pouches) with zip closing, Fresh Pack, PP containers, OPS containers, and Bag-in-Box bags for liquids. The company’s activities are not limited to production only. By representing Lithuanian and foreign companies, we are able to offer our clients an especially wide quality product range as well as ensuring continuous supply.
Participation in international exhibitions and cooperation with the largest international companies allow us to provide our clients with the newest packaging solutions and methods. Our production’s quality, speed in completing orders, orientation towards the latest technologies, and the ability to respond to innovation in the market professionally and present it to the Lithuanian market help us maintain long-term relationships with our clients.
Today, we sell our products not only in the Lithuanian market but also cooperate successfully and supply our production all over Europe and outside it.
Our bags for liquids have a unique additive in its composition, the metallocene polyethylene, mPE. Thanks to this additive, seams of the bag are much more stronger.
The bag can be filled with both cool and hot (up to 100°C) liquid. Bag-in-Box bags are made so that you will be able to empty out the content easily, thus reducing waste food. The use of the packaging is also made easier by special stoppers for different liquids.
Due to their great technical qualities, the bags are suitable for various liquids, such as water, juice, vine, syrup, melange, milk, condensed milk, ketchup, nutritional oil, ice-cream, cream, pastries, etc.
The usage of the packaging is simple: a bag is provided empty to the end user, then the user removes the stopper and fills the bag with liquid, and replaces the stopper. The product is packed successfully.
Why Choose Bag-in-Box Bags?
  • The packaging can hold a large amount of liquid.
  • Both empty and filled packaging is convenient for transportation.
  • The empty packaging weight is very small, as compared to other alternatives.
  • Oxygen cannot penetrate when partially opened.
  • Appealing price of the packaging.

The stand up pouches of Doy-Pack type have a base, which enables them to stand firmly in a vertical position when they are filled, which makes them convenient for display on store shelves. The bags are characterized by their light weight, convenient storage and usage. Most importantly, this type of packaging is very economical, allowing to save transportation and warehousing costs, and it performs its function perfectly when filled.
The stand up pouches make a perfect alternative for plastic, tin, or glass packaging. The Doy-Pack stand up pouches are used for the packing of bulk and liquid products, as well as food and hygiene products, thus, the following products can be packed into them: tea, coffee, cocoa, tea leaves, snacks, smoked or dry-cured fish and meat products, cheese, olives, nuts, popcorn, potato chips, cookies, dried fruit, seeds, breakfast cereals or other dry breakfast foods, sweets (cookies, waffles, chocolates, caramels, candies, etc.), fresh or dried fruit and vegetables, pickled or marinated vegetables (cabbages, cucumbers, beets), animal feed or kitty litter.
The zip closing is a very convenient solution for Doy-Pack packaging. The Doy-Pack packaging is usually made with this closing and an incision for easy upper part tearing off. The convenient closing allows multiple packaging opening and closing, as well as storing a product in its original packaging dry and safe until it is consumed. The packaging can also feature a top handle for convenience in carrying the product from a sales outlet.
We can offer our clients bags of different thickness and sizes, with or without flexographic prints of up to 8 colours!
Why Choose Doy-Pack (Stand Up Pouches)?
  • The stand up pouches are characterized by their light weight, convenient storage and usage.
  • The packaging is economical, allowing to save transportation and warehousing costs.
  • A single or double zip lock that helps to ensure the characteristics of an exceptionally hermetic package.
  • The incision at the side of the bag is a convenient solution to tear open the upper packaging part.
  • The packaging can have a functional handle on its upper part.
Available Parameters:
PET / PE structure.
PET / CPP structure.
PET (metallized) / PE Paper / PE structure.
Paper / aluminium / PE.
PP / PE structure.
PP (metallized) / PE structure.
OPA / PE structure.
Total width: 110 / 130 / 150 / 160 / 175 / 200 / 220 / 310 mm.
Bottom width: 35 to 75 mm x 2.
Hight: up to 500 mm and more.
Thickness: 50 to 240 μm.
With a euro hole for convenient hanging.
With a ventilation hole, for dry-cured production.
With flexographic and rotogravure prints.
The vacuum bags are made of a 9-layer barrier film used for the packaging of products in order to extend their shelf life. This packaging protects the product from environmental influences (oxygen and water vapour), mechanical damage, and the loss of moisture. That is why products remain fresh and retain their quality and appearance traits for a longer period of time.
The vacuum bags made of barrier film have good optical characteristics, and have resistance to scratching and puncture. The high barrier vacuum bags have in their composition a unique additive, metallocene polyethylene, mPE, thanks to which the bags can be fused perfectly even in difficult conditions, such as the effects of salt, vinegar, or fat, which is of great importance in packing meat or fish products.
The bags are perfectly suitable for packing fresh, cured or smoked meat, cheese, seafood and fish products, nuts, olives, etc.
The high barrier vacuum bags are intended not only for the vacuum packing of products, but also for packing in a modified atmosphere. We can produce bags for pasteurization and boiling as well.
We can offer our clients vacuum bags of different thicknesses and sizes, with or without flexographic prints of up to 8 colours!
  • Perfect transparency, resistance to scratching and puncture.
  • A perfect odour barrier protects products from the loss of aroma and prevents the penetration of outside odours.
  • The high barrier allows to extend the product shelf life significantly.
  • A good water and water vapour barrier.
  • Perfect fusion traits.
  • The film moulds tightly to the product.
Available Parameters:
Width: 80 to 600 mm.
Length: 90 to 3000 mm and more.
Thickness: 50 to 240 μm.
With a euro hole for convenient hanging.
With a ventilation hole, for dry-cured production.
With flexographic prints.

All OPS containers are made of polystyrene PS material, ensuring the impeccable quality of the containers. The containers are perfectly suitable for packing pastries or salads to take away. They meet the good production practice requirements for materials and products intended for contact with food.
  • Exceptionally transparent.
  • Made of material that ensures the impeccable quality of the containers.
  • Convenient closing.
  • Competitive price of the packaging.

Containers are the perfect solution for safe and high quality food packing. Due to the material (PET), containers have high transparency, and due to wide edges they are easily and tightly closable.
PET containers are the perfect way to pack frozen, fresh, fatty, warm and dry products. It could be cheese, meat, confectionery, souses.
  • Due to their wide edge, closing is very tight.
  • Containers have hinged lids, so there will be no missed quantities of containers and lids.
  • When using PET containers, no secondary package is needed.
  • These containers help saving time and money in packing process.
  • Good price of the packaging.

7 different positions
From 50 ml to 1000 ml
Hinged lid
Tight and easy closure
Temperature range from -4 ° up to + 60 °
Excellent transparency