Company Info

OOO "Euro-Tara" is one of the largest manufacturers of wooden and plywood containers in Russia. We have already produced more than 1000000 of different size and type of wooden and plywood boxes. Having a relatively low cost, high quality level of manufacturing and functional capabilities, plywood and wooden containers are the undisputed leaders in their segment. This type of package is designed to auto-, railway and aircraft transportation, warehousing and storage products.

Basic services of the company:

  • Production of wooden and plywood packaging boxes of different sizes or customer's drawings.
  • Consultation, design of wooden boxes, emergency manufacturing of packaging
  • Sale of wooden and plywood pallets, pallets, pallets.

Production of wooden and plywood packaging boxes of different sizes or customer's drawings Sale of wooden and plywood pallets, pallets, pallets

We produce wooden containers by order. In each case we take into account all your requirements for the desired package:

  • Figure
  • Sketches
  • Project
  • Terms of Reference

If you have a full set of technical documentation, we guarantee strict compliance of wooden packaging drawings and specifications. In other cases, wooden containers are being developed with the closest approximation to the provided materials and your wishes. At the stage of harmonization, we offer several options for enforcement. You can choose the optimal price and quality of preferable type of plywood or wooden box.

OOO "'Euro-Tara" is an official distributor of plywood boxes of company NEFAB. NEFAB is an international company represented in more than 35 countries around the world with its own production in 8 countries and the largest producer of plywood containers in the world. Its largest customers are manufacturers of industrial, telecommunication and automotive sectors, as well as their contractors and many others. On Russian market NEFAB is presenting only partial range of its products: certified plywood eurocontainers ExPak A, ExPak S, ExPak P.

OOO "'Euro-Tara" is offering:

  • Wooden packaging containers
  • Plywood packaging containers
  • Fiberboard boxes
  • Military containers
  • Wooden boxes
  • Plywood Boxes
  • Wooden pallets standard 1200x800, 1200x1000
  • Euro-Pallets
  • Custom trays