Company Info

The company RussCarton - a diversified trading company, which is one of the most successful companies in the Russian market of manufacturers and suppliers of pulp and paper products.

The company RussCarton is an authorized dealer (agent), the largest Russian enterprises for the production of pulp and paper products (in particular, United Paper Mills, SFT Group, JSC "Ryazan Ruberoid cardboard factory", JSC "Kamenskaya paper- cardboard factory ", ). The company's clients are large factories and small businesses that are on the whole territory of Russia and neighboring countries. The company RussCarton carry out the production and sale of the following products:

  • Cardboard - boxboard, cardboard sleeves (gilzovy cardboard), chrome-ersatz board, tile board, cover (Binding cardboard), insulating board (electric), cushioning paper, cardboard for flat layers of corrugated cardboard (including wet strength) , Cell paper, cardboard match, roofing paper, etc.
  • Corrugated cardboard (corrugated board), including wet strength - two-ply corrugated board, corrugated ply, five-layer corrugated board, seven-layer corrugated board, cardboard.
  • Cardboard packaging, including wet strength - cardboard boxes, cardboard boxes, cardboard packaging (corrugated boxes, corrugated boxes, gofrolotki), etc.
  • honeycomb panel and cell trays
  • Technical Paper - Paper for corrugating (including wet strength), paper for the upper sleeves, wrapping paper, etc.
  • towels and toilet paper