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    European quality and Russian character Eurocontainers, a new product from IPlast

  • Since the beginning of 2015 I-Plast company has launched the second new product: Eurocontainers’ range. (Earlier we informed you about the start of production of the SK store crates). Eurocontainers are multifunctional plastic crates which will definitely be useful in many spheres of our life; for example, in storage managing, logistics, manufacturing and industry, and, of course, agriculture.

    Made from primary propylene, Eurocontainers can be used in a wide range of temperatures, from 20 degrees below zero to 40 degrees above zero. The line starts with seven models. The main range of sizes is composed of boxes with following bases: 400300 mm, 600400 mm, 800600 mm. Each container can be fitted with a customized cover. The base, wall and handles of Eurocontainers can be produced in different variations which provide the new boxes with an additional range of functions and broaden their load characteristics. The walls of some models are perforated, and thus perfect for storing and transporting fruits, vegetables and other edible goods.

    Eurocontainers were designed by the specialists of I-Plast. These containers represent a new generation that came to relieve the previous line of multifunctional boxes produced by our company. The new line is advantageously characterized by lightened design and affordable prices.

    Constructive particularities of Eurocontainers allow their stacking on plastic pallets 1200800 mm, creating a complete set with a cover. The models’ sizes are proportionally related and are compatible with R/RL- KLT containers.

    The experts believe that new Eurocontainers are an adequate alternative of European counterparts, and it correlates perfectly with our country’s policy of import substitution.