Company Info

NHM Limited Ltd. is a supplier of packaging equipment. We supply a wide range of equipment for packaging of products manufactured by different industries: food, pharmaceutical and chemical.

Our equipment is used for packaging the following groups of products:

  • milk and dairy,
  • confectionery goods,
  • groceries,
  • beverages,
  • household chemicals,
  • automotive chemicals,
  • pharmaceuticals, etc.

We present the packaging equipment for packing:

  1. FILPACK equipment for 3-sided sealed pouch
  2. PK equipment for Doypack
  3. Equipment for Flowpack
  4. Equipment for tea packing into filter-pouch
  5. Equipment for Sachet/Stick packing
  6. Filling lines
  7. End-of-line equipment
  8. Packing equipment for pharmaceuticals
  9. Technological equipment for pharmaceuticals .

Our specialists offer professional advice on the equipment choosing. Technicians spend high-class commissioning, personnel training, warranty and after-sales service. The company has representatives in Russia and Belarus, as well as our own warehouses of spare parts.