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ULMA Packaging designs and manufactures packaging equipment using the most advanced technology in the industry. The company has the largest assortment of hardware and software on the market, and its first-class specialists can always offer solutions that meet the needs of customers. ULMA is based on the principles of innovation, quality and a high level of service. The main mission of the company is to offer its customers more than just goods.
ULMA Packaging is one of eight divisions of the ULMA Group located in northern Spain. Since its founding in 1961, ULMA has been striving to be closer to its customers at all stages, starting with advice on the selection of equipment and ending with the provision of technical support. Today, the company's worldwide presence is represented by an international network of 20 branches, as well as an extensive distribution and agent network covering more than 50 countries.

ULMA Packaging offers various packaging equipment lines - six packaging equipment manufacturing lines and an automation division offer a variety of solutions for various market sectors, mainly in the food industry and especially in the fresh food sector.

High-capacity automatic packaging machines with the possibility of including the MAP option (modified gas atmosphere)
Horizontal automatic packaging machines for vacuum packaging and MAP, characterized by the formation of packaging from two rolls of film. The tray is formed from the lower roll of film by thermoforming and sealing with a film from the upper roll.
Machines for sealing preformed trays with the option to enable the option of a modified gas environment (MAP), which allows to increase the shelf life of the product.
Automatic vertical packaging machines for loose or piece products.
Equipment for packaging in stretch film
Automatic machines for packaging fresh products (chicken, meat, vegetables and fruits) in trays in stretch film.
Automatic machines for packaging fresh products (chicken, meat, vegetables and fruits) in trays in stretch film.
Shrink wrapping machines.
Automation of complete packaging lines from product sorting and stacking processes to secondary packaging and palletizing using the following solutions: product loading using robotics and computers, peripheral encoding devices, monitoring systems, artificial vision, metal detectors, X-ray equipment, tracking and centralized line monitoring.