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    Resealable zipper packages for grated cheese with ULMA Packaging's VTC 800-R continuous vertical wrapper

    Supermarkets are increasingly requesting reclosable packages for grated cheese. Dairy producers are therefore seeing the need to incorporate machines that let them produce this type of packaging with the highest levels of production and efficiency.

    We have developed the VTC 800-R continuous vertical wrapper, which is capable of increasing productivity to up to 60 packages/min. In previous models, the production rate was limited to around 35 packages/min. with the resealable zipper application.

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    ULMA Packaging completes the expansion of its traysealing plant in Onati

    With a usable floor area of 5,000 m2, ULMA Packaging has completed the expansion work on the Goribar plant in a record time of 10 months and it is now fully operational.

    Less than two years after the traysealing production plant was opened in Goribar, ULMA Packaging now has an additional 4,000 m2 production area, distributed across two floors, which are currently occupied by fully operational production lines.

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    Easy-to-open flow pack packages for the medical sector

    This new solution by ULMA Packaging arose from the need to remove sterile products from packages while avoiding any type of contamination with microorganisms and/or particles that could migrate from the exterior of the packaging to the product while removing it.

    The solution includes two sealings along the sides of the packaging and a chevron type cross sealing.

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    ULMA launches revolutionary packaging technology for herbs and leaf produce

    A radical new vertical form fill and seal system (VFFS) has been launched by ULMA Packaging Ltd that can transform the packing of fresh herbs and light leaf salads, to save producers time, money and reduce manual intervention to a minimum during the packing process.

    The patent-pending VTI640V VFFS solution designed by ULMA uses a device that pulls the product down to the bottom of the bag (with Air) at speed before sealing it without damaging the herbs, which can happen if the product is handled roughly or they become blocked in the forming tube of conventional packaging machinery.