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    Pur-Pack convenient and practical package for sugar

  • Pur-pack has gained a foothold in the market of packages for liquid and paste products – dairy products, juices and wines and now it begins to gain free-flowing products market. One of the new tendencies is packaging of sugar into “pur-pack” bags.

    Three-seam bags which are often used for sugar packaging are not very convenient. “Pur-pack” has some advantages over “pillow-bag”:

    • Ergonomic bag “pur-pack” is more convenient to place on the shelves;
    • It is not necessary to pour off sugar into the more convenient containers;
    • Thanks to dense package with nipple, sugar is easy filled;
    • Bright, aesthetic package “pur-pack” especially with additional gracefully bent edge “curve” will not passed unnoticed by the Buyers.

    To pack sugar into “pur-pack” bags “Tauras-Fenix” suggests filling&packaging automatic machines TF-RPP 1800 and TF-RPP 3600. These machines form packs from a flat blank, seal a nipple, fill the sugar and seal the bag.

    The automatic machines of TF-RPP series can be added with shrink machines of “Turbopack” series for making group packages. Ready bags “pur-pack” filled with products are grouped into blocks and then are wrapped with shrink film. To make the package more rigid the bottom layers and/or cardboard inserts are placed between the bags rows. This block is fed into the shrink tunnel where the film is compressed under the hot air and fits close the package.

    More detailed information you can get by phone (812) 329-49-10 or visiting the site [email protected]