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    The novelty of 2014 vertical packaging machine Pitpack MJA 6000

  • On the major industry exhibition of the year “Milk and meat industry” (Moscow 18-21 of March 2014) a new vertical packaging machine Pitpack MJA - 6000, drew special attention of specialists.

    Pitpack MJA 6000 allows filling and packaging of pasteurized, ultra-pasteurized and sterilized milk (ESL, UHT) it polyethylene film with bottling in aseptic environment that allow to greatly expand the life of milk products (up to 3 month).

    Preservation of final product depends of quality of film processing. For reduction of microorganisms – film in Pitpack MJA 6000 is being treated with UV-rays. Filling zone before machine starts and after washing is treated with 30% hydrogen peroxide solution automatically, that assures safety of even most delicate products. Sterility of inner workspace in Pitpack MJA 6000 is achieved due to extra pressure of heated to 300oC sterile air that passes through fine filters NERA.

    For assuring capacity of 6000 bags per hour – the machine performs packing with two flows.

    Our company applied new technologies that enhances functions of machine:

    • Sealing and forming of seams with constant heating;
    • Complete adaptation to CIP-wash devices;
    • All of opened drive shafts, fixings, gears that contacts with products are made from stainless steel;
    • Automatic control ensures simplicity and safety for staff.