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  • The final stage of any production is the formation of group and transport packaging: packing products in boxes and sealing them with adhesive tape. On how quickly and how efficiently you will carry out these works depends: how quickly, in what form and in full whether your goods will go to stores.

    If you use the manual method of gluing boxes for group packaging, you know how labor-intensive and expensive and not always quality this process can be.

    Reduce costs and get rid of foozles when sealing will help competent automation, in which the benefits from buying equipment will be felt immediately, the benefits are obvious, and the payback period will not exceed 4-6 months.

    In TAURAS-FENIX, a universal device was developed and launched into serial production, which does not require adjustment when working with different sized boxes.

    The RCS25-T SEMI-AUTOMATIC MULTIFORMAT SEALER simultaneously seals the upper and lower flaps of the box with an adhesive tape, automatically adapts to the size of the box and operates in a continuous mode.

    To maintain it, one operator per shift is enough to cover up to 1500 boxes per hour, that is, it will provide the same productivity per shift as several people who glue the boxes manually. Even if you exclude only one working unit from the packaging process, your costs will be reduced by at least 30,000 rubles a month.

    The sealer will help you save not only on wages and taxes from it. Machine tape, used by the machine, is cheaper than the one used for manual pasting and you will spend much less - the sticker always leaves the same minimum overlap. On average, when you switch to the automatic method of sealing, you will save up to 18% of the amount spent on scotch and will forever forget about the problem of poor-quality sizing boxes.

    Semiautomatic sealer RCS25-T is compact, so it will suit you in the case when each meter of production area is on the account, and equipped with transport wheels for easy moving around the shop.

    The average payback period of the model when switching from a manual method of sealing is 4 months.