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    The final stage of any production is the formation of group and transport packaging: packing products in boxes and sealing them with adhesive tape. On how quickly and how efficiently you will carry out these works depends: how quickly, in what form and in full whether your goods will go to stores.

    If you use the manual method of gluing boxes for group packaging, you know how labor-intensive and expensive and not always quality this process can be.

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    The 6th International Trade Show Prodmash.Holod.Upak 2015 for food processing, refrigerating and packaging equipment is held in Minsk on March 24–27, 2015.

    Machinery plant TAURAS-FENIX and distributor TAURAS-ZAPAD LLC welcome You to our joint stand 1413 where the latest technologies in filling & packaging equipment for dairy, bakery and confectionary industries will be demonstrated.

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    TAURAS-FENIX: the start up of spare parts online store

    We tried to improve our relations with customers and do everything to make our communication as comfortable as possible. Another progressive step is to start a spare parts and accessories online store.

    Now customers and partners of Tauras-Fenix throughout Russia and the world can heck a broad range of accessories and consumables for packaging equipment, also they can choose a suitable part and make a purchase around the clock in our online store.

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    The novelty of 2014 vertical packaging machine Pitpack MJA 6000

    On the major industry exhibition of the year “Milk and meat industry” (Moscow 18-21 of March 2014) a new vertical packaging machine Pitpack MJA - 6000, drew special attention of specialists.

    Pitpack MJA 6000 allows filling and packaging of pasteurized, ultra-pasteurized and sterilized milk (ESL, UHT) it polyethylene film with bottling in aseptic environment that allow to greatly expand the life of milk products (up to 3 month).

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    Pur-Pack convenient and practical package for sugar

    Pur-pack has gained a foothold in the market of packages for liquid and paste products – dairy products, juices and wines and now it begins to gain free-flowing products market. One of the new tendencies is packaging of sugar into “pur-pack” bags.

    Three-seam bags which are often used for sugar packaging are not very convenient. “Pur-pack” has some advantages over “pillow-bag”:

    • Ergonomic bag “pur-pack” is more convenient to place on the shelves;
    • It is not necessary to pour off sugar into the more convenient containers;
    • Thanks to dense package with nipple, sugar is easy filled;
    • Bright, aesthetic package “pur-pack” especially with additional gracefully bent edge “curve” will not passed unnoticed by the Buyers.