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    B&B Triplewall regains corrugated world production record with BOBST flexo folder gluer

    Accomplishing a packaging production world record at any time is a huge achievement. But doing it during a global pandemic with a whole range of safety measures in place? That’s extraordinary.

    It is exactly what B&B Triplewall – a leading manufacturer of quality corrugated boxes in India – has achieved. On May 27th 2020, the company attained an incredible production level of 142,611 boxes in just 8 hours, breaking (and regaining) the world record for corrugated box production. The company achieved this feat using a FFG 8.20 DISCOVERY, a super-efficient Flexo-Folder-Gluer made by BOBST, one of the world’s leading suppliers of substrate processing, printing and converting equipment and services for the label, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated industries.

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    BOBST puts its new industry vision into practice with innovative ways to engage with customers and reduce the environmental impact

    Smart Factories, Technology Lounges and Customer Reference Sites are set as the preferred engagement model with clients. A new strategy to support the BOBST vision to shape the future of the packaging world, which reflects BOBST values and responsibilities.

    The number of industry events and tradeshows has increased significantly over the last decade and at the same time, the communication technologies offer new ways to share content. To engage with our customers more effectively, BOBST will evolve its current Competence Centers to the next level, providing all customers and prospects with new ways to access product and solution demonstrations. Over the last few years, the Competence Centers have been growing and the investments made are quite significant. They have become the preferred place to showcase live customer experiences and to validate investments.

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    How digitalization is transforming the packaging industry

    Digitalization, defined as the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new value-producing opportunities, is transforming entire industries with varying speed and scope. The retail, media and banking sectors are examples of industries that have been shaken to their core over a relatively short period of time. By and large, digitalization is not just the implementation of digital technologies into existing business architectures; it is about questioning existing business logics in the light of new possibilities offered by the latest digital technologies.

    The packaging industry is also undergoing a profound transformation, with brand owners shaking its value chain. They are under pressure from competition, market expectation and new local brands to reduce new product cycle times, from packaging design to arrival on the shelves. The reduction of lot sizes, the continual growth of digital printing and the need for color consistency between physical and online product displays, calls for more efficient workflow tools. Competition from traditional and emerging players is also intensifying within packaging plants around digital products and services.

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    BOBST recognizes internal process innovation with first ever Inventor Award

    BOBST has awarded one of its employees a prestigious award today in recognition of a groundbreaking invention that he pioneered within the company.

    Nick Copeland, Director of R&D at Bobst Manchester

    Nick Copeland, Director of R&D at Bobst Manchester, is the recipient of the first ever BOBST Inventor Award for his work on the AluBond® patent, which was granted in the UK in 2019. AluBond® is widely recognized as a breakthrough, providing high metal adhesion and surface energy levels through vacuum metallization.

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    BOBST joins CEFLEX, affirming its commitment to sustainability and the circular economy

    BOBST has become a member of CEFLEX (A Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging), the collaborative initiative of a European consortium of companies and associations representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging.

    The CEFLEX mission is shared by BOBST: to further enhance the performance of flexible packaging in the circular economy by designing and advancing better system solutions identified through the collaboration of companies representing the entire value chain.

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    Is it the end for non-recyclable plastic packaging?

    How BOBST and its partners are pioneering new high barrier mono-materials laminates as environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional plastic

    Nothing perhaps defines our consumer-driven society of recent decades better than plastic. Its growth in production since the 1950s – largely driven by packaging – has been extraordinary. We now produce a staggering 300 million tons of it each year. But we know that the qualities that make plastic so suited for packaging – its versatility, durability, impermeability – also make it very environmentally unfriendly; non-biodegradable and challenging to recycle.

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    Innovation Award at the 2019 FlexoStars for the revolutionary BOBST THQ FlexoCloud printing technology

    Every year, the Association Technique française de Flexographie (ATF Flexo) delivers awards, or FlexoStars, to the best flexographic print work in France. In 2019, the jury honored Bobst Group and its partner Graphilabel with a gold Star for their THQ FlexoCloud (Très Haute Qualité) flexographic process. Five of the brand’s customers also won awards in the competition.

    “Lion puzzle”: the print work that won the 2019 FlexoStar innovation award. This visual featuring complex color patterns and tones was produced on a BOBST MASTERFLEX XL flexo printing line with the BOBST THQ FlexoCloud process. Developed at Bobst Lyon collaboratively with the French company Graphilabel, THQ (Très Haute Qualité) technology uses an Extended Color Gamut that it manages using color separation algorithms. Graphic design for Lion puzzle: Claire Gorvan Agency in Nantes, France. Anti-counterfeiting design: Securdoc and THQ SECURE modules.

    Flexographic printing professionals once again recognised BOBST and its partner Graphilabel for their BOBST THQ FlexoCloud print technology. In Toulouse on December 12, the ATF handed them the 2019 FlexoStars innovation award for the print work on “Lion Puzzle”, a complex graphic design visual reproduced on semi-coated EB flute corrugated board.

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    BOBST & Partners to present a unique end-to-end flexo process experience

    The flexible packaging industry moves faster and faster and to stay ahead it is necessary to innovate, automate and connect.

    To support flexo printers to achieve increasingly demanding expectations, BOBST and leading industry suppliers* will follow an innovative route for the Open House event they are hosting in the Competence Center of Bobst Bielefeld, in Germany, on 13th February 2020.

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    BOBST launches VISION CI - a new CI flexo press providing high-quality, efficient, consistent and cost-effective print production

    BOBST today announced the launch of a brand-new CI flexo press. The VISION CI is designed to deliver the most efficient performance for all production lengths on a wide range of substrates.

    Fast to setup and change over, it features technical innovations and automation that ensure repeatable process consistency, minimum waste and easy manufacturing. It is ideal for converters looking to add a powerful and reliable production tool to their operation.

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    Why hot foil stamping helps packaging to shine


    It’s what every brand owner wants for their product, but in increasingly crowded markets, it is becoming harder and harder to achieve.