Company Info

Cyklop International - an international company manufacturer of packaging equipment, materials, and packaging technologies.

The company Cyklop was founded in 1912 and now it is composed of 25 offices and more than 30 factories around the world.

European offices and manufacturing facilities are located:

  • Austria - Cyklop Austria GmbH,
  • England - Cyklop (UK) Ltd,
  • Germany - Cyklop GmbH,
  • Denmark - Cyklop Emballering A / S
  • Spain - Cyklop-Strapeza S.A.
  • Italy - Cyklop S.r.l.
  • Russia - ZAO CYKLOP RUS
  • Sweden - Cyklop AB
  • France - Cyklop France Systemes SARL

Headaches are:

  • Germany Cyklop GmbH - by strapping machines, tools and packaging tape.
  • Sweden Cyklop AB - for stretch wrapping machines and stretch film.

Russian Association - ZAO CYKLOP RUS, is a company of Cyklop International and represents Cyklop in Russia and the CIS countries.

The company is integrated into the Russian economy. Russia has built a plant in Elektrostal M.O. for the production of high quality PET packaging tape using advanced German technology, modern equipment of German companies Reimotec Reifenhäuser-Gruppe, Motan, Sellas." Quality of the tape covers the use of any automatic strapping machines. At the base of the plant also has a testing laboratory and service center Cyklop.

We deal with issues of production consumables Cyklop, the issue of supply, installation and service of equipment Cyklop, as well as the supply of spare parts to the equipment in Russia and SNG countriesbusiness of processes and to increase in profitability of your company.