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MCPP Europe offer a high level of technical support and full assistance for EVOH barrier packaging solutions, a fully equipped laboratory and an online EVOH barrier simulator. Representing an international team we have expertise in the processing of EVOH-resin and extensive knowledge of its unique properties.

MCPP Europe is the exclusive sales and marketing company for the SoarnoL™ (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer) and other products; Gohsenol™ (PVOH/PVA) (Polyvinyl Alcohol), Nichigo G-Polymer™, Specialty Films (Hi-Selon™ & Bovlon™) and Nichigo G-Tape™ in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Providing customers around the world with products whose quality and innovation stand out against the international competition. We call this "soaring business," and we promote it worldwide. To satisfy the soaring global demand for SoarnoL™ (EVOH), Nippon Gohsei, now Mitsubishi Chemical Corperation, established a production company in the US in 1996, with an annual production of 23,000 tonnes, while our state-of-the-art plant with an annual production capacity of 18,000 tonnes commenced operation in the Summer of 2004, supplying SoarnoL™ to the European market.

Furthermore, technical centres have opened in Europe and the US to speed up our response to customer requests. They provide direct contact opportunities between clients' engineers and our own, including video and telephone conferences, to facilitate customisation and quality assurance processes, and so allow us to live up to the customers' expectations.

SoarnoL™ (EVOH) is produced in Europe at MCPP Europe’s facility in Hull, UK. Additional facilities are located in Japan and America.

SoarnoL™ (EVOH), is a trade name of Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer (EVOH) originally developed through years of research. SoarnoL™ (EVOH) is mainly composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, has no toxic gases when burned, and its combustion heat is only half that of polyethylene, causing little harm to the environment.

Several field trials conducted in the last seven (7) years by University of Turin (IT) in co-operation with our European Team have proven that the high oxygen barrier properties of a co-extruded film with SoarnoL™ (EVOH) Special Grade does indeed preserve and improve the quality of forage, both in Wrapped Bales and Bunker silos. This also improves the long term conservation of the Grass.

Molecular structure and characteristics of Soarnol

Applications of Soarnol

Films: Preservation of aroma and freshness. Widely used in the packaging of meat products

Bottles: significantly increases shelf life. Soarnol ™ has been used as a barrier layer in the manufacture of mayonnaise bottles since 1974, significantly extending the shelf life of this product.

Tubes, extrusion: allows you to provide high quality toothpaste and cosmetics, while maintaining the beneficial and aromatic properties of the components.
Cups and pallets: allows to replace glass and tin packaging with plastic, that is, lighter and shatter-proof. At the same time, it provides a long shelf life.
Sterilization bags: does not whiten during sterilization
Multilayer floor heating pipes: used in the production of multilayer pipes.
Extrusion coating: preserves the taste of fresh juice
Plastic fuel tanks: reduce environmental risks

Марочный ассортимент

Компания MCPP Europe GmbH производит широкий спектр стандартных марок SoarnoL™ c содержанием этилена 29,32,38 и 44%, предназначенных для переработки методом раздувной, плоскощелевой соэкструзии, литья под давлением. Также есть марки для использования при производстве методом экструзионного покрытия
Барьерные свойства SoarnoL™ по отношению к кислороду обратно пропорционально зависят от содержания этилена. Чем ниже содержание этилена, тем выше барьерные свойства.

Standard grades SoarnoL™

*1 Measured by DSC, *2 210ºC ,*3 Measured by Ox-tran 2/21

Special grades Soarnol ™
Oriented Film Grade (G-SoarnoL) / GC3304B, GH3804B
Thermoforming grades / BX6304B, TF2905B, BF3203B
Multi-layer pipe grades / A4412HB, DC3205HB
Cleaning polymer / PG505
Recyclable additive / RG500
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