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Walki produces wrappings for the paper and metal industries, food and consumer packaging materials, decorative and functional laminates, barrier liners for solid and corrugated packaging, facings for the insulation and construction industries and solutions for technical applications.Walkis production units in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, the UK and China have annual net sales of about 300 million Euros and a workforce of approximately 1,000 employees.

Barrier Board WalkiPack

Within our product line WalkiPack, Walki has developed a range of barrier boards specially designed for the folding carton market. By using barrier boards the need for inner wrapping for foodstuffs is largely reduced. Thereby also the amount of packaging needed is reduced, with a positive environmental impact as a consequence. WalkiPack is typically used for applications for direct food contact and for non-food packages in end-use sectors like frozen food, fresh food, non food, detergent, pet food, menu trays and lids, cosmetic, beverages and tobacco.

WalkiPack Chill is a one side polymer coated material which is designed to either protect the pack contents from the external environment or to protect the pack from moisture or grease from the product itself.
WalkiPack Frost To meet the demands of longer term, frozen storage or use in extreme damp conditions, WalkiPack Frost is recommended. Here we use only hard sized FBB or SBS boards in conjunction with polymer coatings to suit the product/end use requirements. WalkiPack Frost can be glued or heat sealed. Typical end uses are for fish, burgers, vegetables and confectionary cartons.
WalkiPack GR Provided with special polymers to protect the carton board from ingress and staining from high fat content. Together with a good carton design WalkiPack GR offers better protection than LDPE. Typical end uses include pet food and cooked chicken product cartons.

WalkiPack Foil Appropriate baseboards are laminated with aluminium foil using either adhesive or polymer coatings. Improved barrier and thermal resistance allow this material to be used for insulative closures for pre heated ready meals or where cartons require an improved oxygen barrier.

WalkiPack Tray A converted board material, designed for food tray applications. The products are a combination of coated or uncoated SBS board types, glue laminated with special PET films to meet customer and product requirements. Typical end uses are for folded or pressed trays. Properties include functions like dual ovenability, heat and grease resistance, seal ability to film and laminated lidding materials.

WalkiPack Metalex High quality metallized and holographic films laminated with polymers or adhesives to a range of suitable base boards, that gives the customer a wide range of decorative and functional barrier opportunities to choose from. Typical end uses are for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, tobacco and luxury goods cartons.
WalkiPack D Is a polymer laminated, board based composite material. Designed for printed detergent packages, it provides a water vapour barrier as well as producing excellent stiffness values for achieving good box compression strength. The specification can be tailored to optimise strength from the materials used.

Barrier Lining WalkiLine

WalkiLine barrier lining comprise a wide range of materials that adds value for boxes. It is developed exclusively for the protection of packed goods against moisture, grease and other external influences in the corrugated board and solid board industries, as well as in the honeycomb board and paper fibre drum industries. It consists of paper and liner, typically laminated or coated with polyethylene (PE). Other used materials include PET, special polymers, special coatings, aluminium, nonwovens and fabrics. WalkiLine is suitable for vegetables, fruit, flowers, fish, seafood, meat, poultry, sweets, bakery, electronics, metal parts, among other things.

Main products:

WalkiLine Aqua

  • Paper/PE/paper laminates, wide range, grammage 70-500 g/m²
  • Mainly used for corrugated board but also for solid board when paper surface is needed (printing on paper, non-condensing surface)
  • Brown or white top
  • Symmetrical or asymmetrical laminate
  • Bottom of virgin fibres or recycled fibres
  • Suitable for printing. Top paper can be chosen due to print quality demand
  • Can also be pre-printed
  • Direct contact with foodstuff (dry, wet and fatty) allowed depending on paper/liner used
  • Repulpable/recyclable
  • Typical end applications: boxes for vegetables, fruits, berries, flowers, plants, fish, seafood, spare parts copying paper, detergents, chemicals, litter

WalkiLine Ultra

  • PET/PE/paper laminates, wide range, grammage 70-500 g/m²
  • Mainly used for corrugated boar but can also be used for solid board
  • Brown or white top
  • Virgin fibres or recycled fibres
  • PET resists high temperatures on corrugating machine
  • Can also be pre-printed
  • Transparent or metallized PET-film (silver, gold, different colours)
  • Non-scratching surface
  • Direct contact on PET-side allowed with all foodstuffs (dry, wet, fatty)
  • Repulpable/recyclable
  • Typical end applications: boxes for meat, poultry, fish, seafood, pastries, cooking fats, sweets, fast food, trays for foods, flowers, electronics, scratch sensitive articles

Flexible Packaging Materials WalkiFlex

One of Walkis fields of strong expertise is paper based flexible packaging material. We meet our customers needs of moisture, grease, gas and aroma barriers by combining paper with materials such as plastic and aluminium foil. Whatever the end-use may be, our material meets the requirements of packaging hygiene, extended preservation times and minimal environmental impact.

Because of our long experience and close co-operation with the packaging industry we understand the needs of the whole production chain: printing, gluing and heat-sealing are crucial aspects for packaging manufacturers.

Industries using the packaging require hygiene and effective protection. Distribution requires lightweight and durable packaging. Retailers need an attractive appearance and cost effective product preservation. End users appreciate products that are easy to open. Throughout the chain, environmental sustainability is required. All these needs are carefully considered when Walki develop WalkiFlex products.


WalkiSeal is a range of paper based laminates with aluminium foil or barrier films and polymer coated papers, all for heat-sealing applications and provided with excellent printing properties. The paper base is laminated or coated with protective layers providing a barrier against moisture, oxygen, grease and unwanted aromas. The outer plastic layer ensures a secure heat-sealing process in the packaging lines. WalkiSeal has a great number of end-uses and a few examples are dry-food pouches, flow-packs, sachets for spices or hand wipes, pharmaceutical products, detergent powders and lining materials for spirally wound tubes.


Aluminium or paper based laminates provide excellent barriers for a wide range of products. With its folding properties and smooth aluminium surface, excellelnt for printing, WalkiFoil is a clear choice for butter and margarine wrapping material, but it is also suitable for ice cream cornets, chocolate bars and hot-food bags. Walki also offers heat-sealable laminates for dry-food pouches and sachets.


WalkiLid is a paper based lidding material for pre-cut lids, suitable for a wide range of cups and trays and combining high quality printing paper with a peelable multilayer polymer coating. The coating provides excellent protection against oxygen, water vapour and unwanted aroma. The high mechanical strength properties make the material perfect for lidding purposes. In other words, the lid opens without tearing. Being a paper based material WalkiLid provides an environmentally sustainable option for a wide variety of products, such as dairy products, salads and candy.


WalkiFrontlabel is a heat-sealable in-mould label material (IML) for cups and containers. It combines high quality printing properties and special coatings with low heat-seal initiation temperature. This is necessary for in-mould applications where the label is connected firmly to the plastic in the cup forming process. The label becomes an integral part of the cup, providing support and attractive appearance.

Reel Packaging WalkiReel

WalkiReel wrappers are tailor-made to provide maximum mechanical and moisture protection as well as protection from dirt and other hygiene hazards. To achieve the right level of mechanical protection the paper grade and size of the paper reel have to be considered, as well as the mode of transport (type of vehicle, length of journey, climate conditions and number of reel handling operations). The barrier layer of the wrapper ensures that the original moisture level of the reel is kept constant throughout transportation and storage.

WalkiReel Maxi
WalkiReel Maxi is the ideal wrapper when the demands are very high regarding protection against mechanical damages as well as moisture protection. WalkiReel Maxi wrappers are made of base papers containing 100% virgin fibres.

WalkiReel Classic
WalkiReel Classic is the ideal wrapper for normal reels and normal transport modes. WalkiReel Classic wrappers provides a high level of protection against mechanical damages and moisture. Typical substances: 220 and 270 g/m²

WalkiReel Multi
WalkiReel Multi is the ideal wrapper when demands for mechanical protection are lower. Nevertheless, the wrapper still gives very good moisture protection. In WalkiReel Multi virgin and recycled fibres are combined in order to optimize the performance of the wrapper.

WalkiReel Eco
WalkiReel Eco is the ideal wrapper for short transports with few handling steps or less demanding products. WalkiReel Eco wrappers typically contain 100% recycled fibres.

WalkiReel Recy
WalkiReel Recy is the ideal wrapper for short transports with few handling steps or less demanding products. WalkiReel Recy wrappers typically contain 100% recycled fibres.

WalkiReel Hot
WalkiReel Hot is a special reel wrapper for the hot-pack heat-sealing wrapping process. The polymer layers in WalkiReel Hot are specially developed for providing good heat-sealing properties and a low melting point without compromising the moisture protection.

Metal protection WalkiSteelex

A first class metal needs a first class wrapper in order to travel stainless and safe from hazards like environmental impacts, mechanical damage and corrosion, caused by condensed water. WalkiSteelex paper-based wrappings provide the necessary protection during transportation and storage for all kinds of metal: hot-rolled, cold-rolled, galvanised, colour-coated, tin plate, black plate, plain, or aluminized as well as copper, bronze, and brass.

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Timber Wrap WalkiTimber

  • Protects against humidity and condensation
  • Protects against dust and dirt
  • Protects against discolouration caused by UV radiation
  • Gives good mechanical protection
  • Enables markings on the surface
  • Has a sufficient co-efficient of friction