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    New assignment at Cama Group

    We are delighted to announce that Viktoriia Leukhina is now on board of our Sales Department as Cama Area Manager for CIS and Baltic countries at Cama HQ – Garbagnate Monastero Italy.

    With a Master Degree in Electrical Engineering at Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI"​ and graduation from Aalto University, Finland, Viktoriia from 2013 to 2015 worked at design bureau RIO as a pre-production engineer; from 2015 – 2017 she moved to Northwest Hydraulic as an Automation Engineer and from 2017 up to now she was an Area Manager at TAV VACUUM FURNACES, Italy.

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    Cama introduces Live FAT

    Today Cama announces its Live Fat: a digital platform part of Cama’s Generation 4.0 initiative that monitors the status of equipment while offering technical assistance, augmented and virtual reality capabilities, and digital documentation applications.

    The platform is part of Cama’s remote factory acceptance testing (FAT) initiative that involves providing customers with virtual solutions to meet their machine and packaging testing needs. The Live FAT takes the place of customers coming to Cama’s factory; Cama’s engineers can test the machinery with the customer witnessing all the tests via broadcast streaming.

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    Cama Group: vision for biscuit packaging

    Thanks to its Delta Robots with artificial vision, Cama recently installed a complete system for handling flowpacked biscuits either in trays or in piles. The different formats are first loaded into a preglued carton by a high speed continuous motion cartoner, and then the products are top loaded into shipping cases. Versatility, easy change over and reliability are the key words of this Cama installation.

    Monoblock loading system

    The system was designed to handle multiple different product formats. Biscuits of different dimensions are delivered to the Cama Robotic loading unit on a flat conveyor. Up to 500 biscuits a minute arrive in flowpacked piles of 3 units or in flowpacked trays.

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    Unrivalled solution

    This particularly compact system has been specifically designed for a private label manufacturer to pack pillow bags of biscuits into an RSC case in a laying configuration.

    Monoblock loading system

    It is made up by a case erecting machine, a 2-axis robot and a lidding machine all included in a monoblock modular system. This solution integrates a product configuration loading unit with triaflex robots and a smart vision system to suit various case patterns.

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    Customized and flexible solution easily adapted to any layout requirement

    This picture shows a very compact monoblock unit, incorporating forming, loading, and closing, within a footprint of only 2x3 meters, combining both flexibility and high productivity.

    Monoblock loading unit

    The products (flow-wrapped baked slices) arrive on a single lane at a speed of 400 pcs/minute, are spaced by special accelerating conveyors and, by means of a twister belt, positioned on edge into the pockets of a vertical race tracking system.

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    Case Packing Systems for RRP: get the right display!

    With over 35 years experience in case packing applications, Cama’s innovative solutions for RRP (Retail Ready Package) provide a wide range of successful machines developed over the years. The Cama FW and IN electronic case packers are capable of packing a variety of products into RSC cases, one-piece wrap-around or two-piece display cases for retail-ready packaging solutions.

    Whether you have hard products such as biscuits, with or without chocolate, or soft cakes, grains or chips the Cama Wrap-around case packer is the best way to load them into a display box. Cama’s positive product handling guarantees the maximum care during the collation and loading process so that even fragile and shaped products are gently handled by the wrap-around machine. Highly versatile, Cama FW series enable you to form trays, 2 piece Retail Ready Packs or full wrap-around cases: all in one machine, with easy, tool-less format changes.

    Wrap-around case packer

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    Cama Group: one sole supplier for both packing machines and robots

    Since 1981 Cama have been developing, manufacturing and installing secondary packaging machinery around the world, conceived in various configurations to meet all your special needs and requirements. We represent the ideal partner in the Bakery market sector, being able to supply both packaging machines and robots that are specifically engineered for the packaging business.

    The Cama robotic applications feature fast, optimal and gentle-handling solutions that are proven not to damage even the most delicate products, and incorporates a Smart Vision System that optimizes the management of the product by automatically selecting products according to pre-established dimensions and arrival speed. A complete flexible line for the bakery industry show-cases Cama’s latest Break-Through Generation (BTG) systems. The impressive features of the new BTG models are the reasons why Cama has been able to make a step change in innovation in secondary packaging machinery.

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    Cama Group aims for 100!

    “€100 million in turnover is our target for 2020, and we have already implemented an important corporate business plan to achieve this ambitious goal.” Annalisa Bellante explains.

    Cama predicts a brilliant end to 2019, with a turnover of nearly €90 million, after a strong investment in human resources (+40% compared to 2017/2018). This was based on a business plan that leverages a new organisational model focused on developing a “sense of ownership” for managers, coupled to an important corporate culture evolution –a transition from the concept of ‘employee’ to that of ‘stakeholder’.
    The new Molteno complex is nearly complete. 35,000 square metres of property with more than 25,000 square metres used as production area and offices.

    Cama New Production and offices area (Molteno – LC ) view from above

    Cama New production and offices area – Molteno (LC)

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    High-speed vision driven robotic line for shelf ready packaging of wet-wipes

    CAMA GROUP announces the creation of the new PHHC (Personal, Health & Home Care) Division, focused on satisfying the growing demand from both local and multinational players in personal care, cosmetics, OTC and home care industries.

    The PHHC Division will provide highly customized solutions, characterized by high speed, packaging flexibility and compact layout. Cama is uniquely positioned to provide this service by combining its decades of packaging, machinery and robotics experience. The new PHHC Division has been specifically created following the request by large corporations within these sectors for tailored solutions to their packaging automation needs.

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    Cama Group for bakery industry: flow wrapped biscuits into cartons

    The secondary packaging line supplied by Cama has been engineered for flow wrapped biscuits, coming from two upstream flow-wrapping machines at 360 ppm. The system consists of a loading unit with two Cama Triaflex Delta robots feeding a CL series high speed continuous motion side-load cartoner.

    This combined system has been designed to meet the Customer’s demands for flexibility – ability to handle a variety of products and packaging configurations; production efficiency – through guaranteed machinery uptime; and ease of use – through quick and easy size changing procedures.