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Lohia Corp

equipment for making bags. big bags, soft containers and PP / HDPE filament manufacturing

Lohia manufactures high-quality equipment for the manufacture of flexible containers for packaging solid and bulk products: flour, grain, fertilizers, cement, animal feed and chemicals. The company's equipment also produces woven tarpaulin coverings, geotextiles and soft heavy-duty containers big bags.

Filament Extrusion Lines

Lohia Corp Limited offers a wide range of tape extrusion lines for the production of high quality PP / HDPE filament for a variety of applications such as woven and knitted sacks, soft heavy containers, i.e. flexible large containers (FIBCs), backing layer for carpets, tarpaulins, geotextiles, agrotextiles, wrapping fabrics, ropes and twine.
Our tape extrusion lines come in two three different series, LOREX, duotec and CoEx. The LOREX series is based on a conventional single stage extraction system, while the duotec series uses a unique two stage extraction system.
CoEx - production of composite multilayer laminar structured slit film tapes by feeding two melt streams from two different extruders to a feed block where they merge into a single laminar structure.

Tape Winders

Lohia Corp Limite offers a wide range of precision and stepped precision winders designed for winding PP / HDPE tape or fibrillated yarns in a variety of specifications, including tape width and denier. The resulting warp and weft spools can be used in both circular and flat looms.
Winders are classified into three separate series: CM / FM series, CE / FE series and autoroto series.

Circular looms

Lohia Corp offers a wide range of circular looms for making light or heavy PP / HDPE tubular or single fabrics for a wide range of applications.
Lohia Corp's looms are available in 4 shuttles for the production of leno cloth for packing fruit and vegetables and 6 shuttles for a wide range of applications such as cement, fertilizer, polymer granules, chemicals, grain, animal feed, seeds and husks; as well as 8 and 10 shuttles for the production of large-width fabrics for soft heavy containers (FIBC), waterproof tarpaulin, geotextiles and agrotextiles. These machines are designed with the latest technology, the advantages of which include high operational efficiency, excellent blade quality, low wear, low energy consumption, low maintenance, etc., making our machines the best choice for customers.

Extrusion Laminate Coating Machine

Lohia's lamicoat 1600 series is designed for efficient and precise coating of PP / HDPE tubular and single woven fabrics. It is possible to apply both PP and HDPE polymeric coatings, since both sides of the tubular fabric are coated simultaneously in one operation. It is also possible to connect the unwinding station to a standard machine for laminating with additional materials such as BOPP films, etc.

Bag Conversion Machines

Lohia Corp's sack conversion lines consist of machines that provide solutions for converting a wide range of tubular fabrics into sacks. Different technologies are available for the production of bags depending on their end use as well as the type of fabric.
Our conversion lines includes machines like, Lohia bcs 850/45, Lohia valvomatic, bcs-liner, lohia blokomatic & LM-650

Presenting blokomatic Valve bottomer

blokomatic offers reliable and efficient solutions for producing block bottom valve bags, specially for cement and dry granular/ powdered material packaging. Made from coated polypropylene woven fabric, these bags deliver enhanced strength and tear resistance compared to conventional bags.


  • Cement
  • Building Material
  • Dry Granular Materials
  • Chemicals/Petro-chemicals
  • Food/Animal Feed & More


  • Easy Filling
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Dust Free
  • Strong & Durable
  • Higher Brand Visibility
  • Fully Recyclable

FIBC Conversion machines

As a one-stop solution for our customers, Lohia offers a wide range of flexible container conversion machines: web and sling cutting tables, panel / neck / profile cutting, container cleaning, as well as hydraulic packaging presses, etc.
  • Hydraulic Bale Press
  • Strapex 300
  • Webbing(Belt) Cutting Machine
  • Profile Cutting Machine
  • Fabric Cutting Machine
  • Bag Cleaning Machine
  • FIBC Test Rig FTR 2500
  • Baffle Panel Cutting Machine

Printing machines

We manufacture soloprint flexo printing machines for 6 color printing on woven sleeve and flat woven PP / HDPE fabric from roll to roll. Competently and accurately designed, equipped with a new generation of electronics. This machine provides high print quality, reliability and optimum performance throughout its entire life cycle.
The machine was produced jointly by two firms: lohia and Pelican Rotoflex Pvt. Ltd, and is equipped with modern electronics.

Spinning-drawing-winding lines for multifilament yarn

Multifilament Spin-Draw-Wind Lines

The lofil range represents compact and easy-to-maintain machines for the production of high tenacity multifilament polypropylene yarn. Machines with a productivity of 20, 40 and 80 kg / h allow yarn of various deniers - from 600 to 5040 at a speed of up to 1500 m / min. The resulting yarn can be used for sewing bags, slings, ribbons, ropes, cord, geotextiles, etc.

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