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The production of varnishes was founded and has been operating on the Russian market since 1999.
In our assortment:
Aqualak - water dispersion varnishes and primers for printing production.
Water-based varnishes, glossy and matte, for application on paper or cardboard on the varnishing section of an offset printing machine. Varnishes are highly resistant to abrasion and are the best solution when choosing supplies for the production of cardboard or paper packaging.
Grafilak - varnishes, UV curing primers for printing production
UV varnishes for offset, flexographic and screen printing, glossy and matte. In the assortment of more than 20 types of varnishes with various properties and for various printing substrates, which allows you to choose the optimal material for each type of work.
Grafilak series UV polymerization primer for flexographic printing, for coating polymer and metallized films
Polylac C - varnishes and primers based on organic solvents
Varnishes and primers for intaglio printing and flexography for coating polymer films and other sealed materials.
Polylack - UV curing varnishes for non-absorbent materials
A special series of UV varnishes for coating plastics, primarily PVC wall panels.
Graphilak M - UV curing varnishes for furniture production
Varnishes and primers for coating solid wood, chipboard and laminate. Roller or lacquer application on flat parts using standard equipment.


  • Paints
  • Metallic and fluorescent paints
  • Mix paints
  • Lucky and Primers
  • Glues
  • Auxiliary chemistry
  • Complete solutions for printing
  • Lithography - printing on tin
  • Protective industrial coatings


In order to make a print run efficiently and quickly for the customer, printers need to test certain parameters. That is why we have a research laboratory with modern technical equipment and qualified personnel.
The need to create a laboratory was due to the desire of our customers to produce printed products of the highest quality. They trust us, they ask us to comment on the choice of equipment, to give an opinion on the reasons for defective printed products, to conduct laboratory testing of prints.
Our laboratory performs the following types of work:
1. The study of the characteristics of water to determine the optimal additive in hydration:
  • acidity (pH)
  • electrical conductivity
  • stiffness
2. The study of the parameters of varnishes and varnishes:
  • measurement of viscosity, spreadability, density of various varnishes
  • varnish gloss measurement
  • determination of abrasion resistance
  • measurement of varnish slip
  • adhesion tests for coatings with any varnishes
  • dry matter measurement
  • UV curing rate measurement
  • surface tension measurement
  • selection of varnishes in difficult cases of varnishing
3. The study of the parameters of paints and colorful prints:
  • optical density determination
  • spectrophotometric analysis - measurement of color coordinates in the Lab (Lch) system
  • determination of the color difference coefficient
  • determination of metamerism paint, i.e. color difference comparison for different light sources
  • selection of colors for offset ink, ink for letterpress printing, including UV inks, according to the pantone fan or customers sample for various printing substrates (paper, cardboard, non-absorbing surfaces)
  • selection of paint formulations for subsequent application of varnish, including UV varnish.


The Tanzor company makes: oil paint and UV curing for printing production.
Carries out selection of colors according to the Pantone fan and according to the sample of the customer.
UVPlast - UV curing ink for indirect gravure printing, for printing on PVC panels.
Color matching according to the customers model.
Water-dispersed paints, pearlescent, bronze and silver for the production of paper wallpaper.


The PANTONE ink mixing system has long been accepted, and the benefits of using pantone colors, especially for printing saturated dies, are obvious.
Blended inks use almost all printing houses.
Despite the fact that many printing houses have PANTONE fans and use them when discussing the desired color with the customer, most of them turn to mixing stations for several reasons:
  • it is difficult to get into color according to the formulas indicated in the fan
  • lack of necessary equipment in printing houses
  • great labor costs and the need for an experienced colorist
Based on the rich experience and innovations of our partners in the field of paint mixing, our company, together with Brancher, successfully implements the Dayamix System production project and has a laboratory equipped with everything necessary for the manufacture of mixed paints. All semi-finished products that participate in the paint formula undergo strict quality control and comply with the European certification MS ISO 9901.

Our mixing stations operate in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar
  • Color matching is fast and on time.
  • Color analysis
  • Color check
  • Manufacture and control
  • Paint ready for shipment
  • Each order is accompanied by vykrasu by customer order.