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Verstraete in mould labels has over 25 years of experience in printing labels for injection-molding, blow-molding and thermoforming. An in-depth understanding of materials, research and quality control, has made Verstraete a world leader among IML-label suppliers, producing over 45 million in-mold labels every single day for numerous segments within the packaging industry (dairy, salads, health care, etc).

Verstraete in mould labels is much more than a printing company. We are a real service company and it is our aim to share the knowledge and experience of our specialists with our customers. We want our customers to benefit from our insights, not only to improve the efficiency in their production but also to optimize the emotional characteristics of their packaging solutions. Believe your eyes.

  • 25 years of experience in IML
  • Production of > 45 mio IML labels per day
  • 550 employees
  • 45 people involved in daily project management
  • 13 languages we use to build partnerships worldwide
  • 5 worldwide IML supporting offices: Bangkok / Beirut / Boston / Sao Paulo / St Petersburg

Quality certificates

We obtain and renew certifications of these industry standards:

  • BRC/IoP
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • FDA
  • AEO

IML categories:

IML (In Mould labeling) means that the decoration of the product takes place in the mould. An IML label is inserted into the injection, blow or thermoforming mould, prior to the molding. During the moulding process, the molten polymer fuses with the in mould label. The end result is a decorated packaging part, produced in one step

Injection moulding IML

The injection moulding process is based on injecting material into a mould. The technique is most commonly performed with thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. During the injection moulding process an amount of heated liquid mass is injected under high pressure into a mould. The mass cools off and solidifies in the shape of the mould. Injection moulding is used for all kinds of containers, such as butter tubs and yoghurt pots.

Blow moulding IML

Blow moulding is a technique used for the production of hollow plastic parts. Blow moulding can be based on extruding, injecting or stretching heated liquid mass into a mould. The material expands and takes the shape of the mould. Blow moulding is a technique to produce containers for liquids such as deepfrying oil.

Thermoforming IML

Thermoforming is a technique used for the production of rigid plastic packaging. The process is based on the heating of a thermoplastic sheet, allowing the sheet to take the shape of a forming tool. When the plastic cools down it solidifies into the shape of the forming tool. Thermoforming is often used to produce barrier packages. In this case, multi-layer sheets are converted into light barrier and oxygen barrier package.

IML advantages

In mould labelling offers numerous advantages:

  • Maximum print quality
  • Strong and hygienic
  • Shorter production time and lower production costs
  • Environmentally-friendly (100% recyclable)
  • Quick design changeovers
  • every possible look & feel option

IML markets
We produce IML labels for numerous segments within the packaging industry, including dairy, salads, health care, and much more.
Discover for which food and non-food markets we are currently producing in mould labels in here

IML look&feel options
IML offers a lot of look and feel possibilities. Over the years, orange peel - also known as satin gloss - became IMLs best known variety. However, several glossy and transparent varieties have been developed as well.

Choosing the right look and feel option for your IML solution is important. Obviously, you need to be aware of the different technical characteristics that each option has to offer. Material thickness, grain direction and surface treatment all have an influence on the cycle time of plastic packaging production.

IML innovations

In the past years we have developed a lot of new and exciting IML innovations in close cooperation with our customers. We are very proud to present our latest innovations: Metallic IML, DoubleSided IML, Peelable IML, Barrier IML, Matt IML, UltraGloss IML and MockUp IML.

IML knowledge center

Over 25 years of IML experience, thats what we are happy to share with you. We invite you to pick our brain.