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Estes Engineering Rus LLC (CANMAKING) conducts transactions for the purchase of equipment and provides customers with further service for the supply of spare parts, after-sales service, etc.

The task that we set is to provide the most complete service for the manufacturer. We work with a number of foreign companies:
- Manufacturers of new equipment;
- Manufacturers of raw materials for the manufacture of tin cans;
- Companies providing services;
- Manufacturers of laboratory and inspection equipment;
and etc.
Today for many companies the problem of equipment wear is very relevant, we can offer you one of the best options in price and quality.
Our company conducts transactions for the purchase of equipment, provides customers with further service for the supply of spare parts, after-sales service, etc.
We are not intermediaries who resell equipment.
We carry out engineering of the project, selection of the optimal configuration of the line (unit), transaction support, provide services for the import and delivery of equipment (at the request of the customer), assistance to the client during the warranty and post warranty service.
With all companies whose equipment is presented on the site, there are official agreements on representing interests in the territory of the Russian Federation and countries of the former USSR.

Laboratory equipment

1. Laboratory equipment for seam quality control

SeamSight-C SeamSight-C is a laboratory equipment designed to check the density of a seam. Based on the world's most widely used Seam Sight technology. The device automatically selects points for making control measurements. To avoid the risk associated with the "human factor" The modern optical control system Golden Lens is used, this system is not sensitive to an external light source. Measurement accuracy complies with modern world standards. As well as a wide range of CanNeed equipment.

CanNeed instruments for checking the integrity of the inner coating of the can, instruments for checking the strength of the coating, instruments for determining the thickness of the coating.
CanNeed equipment for testing glass bottles for pressure, vertical load, instruments for measuring wall thickness and controlling the geometry of the workpiece.
CanNeed Food Can Controls
CanNeed laboratory equipment designed to test the quality of plastic bottles of various compositions. Designed for various volumes, standards, with the ability to select test parameters both in manual mode and in automatic mode.
CanNeed appliances are required for quality control in the production of aluminum cans used for beer and drinks.
This section presents equipment for use in the production of beer and carbonated drinks. Portable dissolved oxygen counters, CO2 analyzers, and instruments for monitoring pasteurization temperatures.

Development, implementation and subsequent technical support

Bucket Production Lines

Our company is engaged in the development, implementation, and subsequent technical support of projects.
According to your technical task, we will offer you several options for finished lines for the production of tin buckets.
On your territory installation of semi-automatic, automatic lines is possible.

Production of aerosol cans

Our company is engaged in the development of projects for enterprises producing aerosol containers. Dome and bottom production lines for aerosol cans
We are preparing a project according to your terms of reference, cylinder sizes, line productivity, material. We offer several options for implementing the project.
We fully accompany the transaction, starting from the moment the premises were prepared for the line and ending with the acceptance tests.

Equipment for the production of Figured cans

Our company supplies equipment for the manufacture of curly cans.
  • Under food, chemical products, for decorative containers.
  • Lines for the manufacture of cans for butter.
  • Lines for making food cans.
  • Equipment for the manufacture of cans for confectionery.
  • Automatic machines for making cans with riveted seam.

Lines for the manufacture of seamless DRD cans

  • Materials and sizes to order of the client.
    Productivity from 60 to 300 pieces per minute.

Equipment for the manufacture of round prefabricated (3-piece) cans

  • For food and chemical products.
  • Productivity from 80 to 500 pieces per minute.

Drying furnaces for varnishing / lithography lines; equipment for making lids and cans

  • Convection and UV sheet drying systems.
  • Compound PVC drying ovens.
  • Induction drying ovens for drying suture varnish and compound.

Lines for printing on matelle FUJI KIKAI KOGYO

  • Our company is a representative of the Japanese manufacturer of lines for printing on matella

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Equipment for the application of varnish on sheets of tin and aluminum

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Metal cutting equipment

Spare parts for production lines

Laboratornoye oborudovaniye
Laboratory equipment