Company Info

Japanese company Futamura is producer of cellulose films and has its factories in Great Britain, USA and Japan. Company employs more than 1500 people and sells its products to 110 countries.

Cellulose films are used for smoking, over-wrapping of carton boxes and for packaging various goods: yeast, tea, sweets, sausages, tampons, etc.

Japanese producer of plastic products FUTAMURA GROUP offers to the world market among other cellulose films cellophaneTM and NatureFlex ™. These bio-films are based strongly on renewable resources (wood-pulp from managed plantations).

This type of films fills the gap existing between paper and plastic films on the market. They have transparency and gloss of plastic films, but their behavior on the machine and some properties are typical for paper. These types of films are often called "transparent paper". One of the most important features of this films is that they originate from cellulose, which is a biopolymer, and they are biodegradable and compostable after using them as a package.

A natural cellulose film is not heat-sealable and it has very high barrier for oxygen, but not a good barrier for water vapour. But they can be coated with special lacquers, which give to the film excellent heat-sealability, and also allow to regulate the moisture permeability in a wide range. Thus, due to its natural properties, as well as the characteristics obtained by additional processing, cellulose films are characterized by:

  • excellent visual properties - high transparency and gloss
  • natural, high barrier to gases and aromas
  • regulated barrier for water vapor (moisture)
  • high stiffness
  • excellent twisting and dead-fold properties
  • high dimensional stability (suitable for lamination)
  • inherent anti-static properties
  • excellent heat-sealability
  • high resistance to high temperatures (can be used in a microwave and oven)
  • resistant to oils and chemicals (impermeable)
  • possibility of lamination with other materials, including biodegradable materials
  • ease opening of film packages
  • the possibility of metallization
  • possibility of printing with different techniques
  • possibility of coloring in mass with a wide range of unique colors
  • production from raw materials obtained from renewable sources (without GMOs).

Along with the previously produced cellophaneTM films, Futamura offers to the market a new range of NatureFlex™ cellulose films. These films have certificates of compliance with EU standards (EN 13432) for composting and certificates of compliance with US standards (ASTM D 6400). NatureFlex™ films are a packaging material of the XXI century and after use for 6-8 weeks they are completely decomposed in home composts, sewage, sewerage and garbage dumps They have the right to be supplied with signs confirming that after decomposition they will not have a negative impact on soil and compost.

All cellulose films produced in the factories of the Futamura Group have the necessary certificates to confirm their suitability for direct contact with food. The films are certified by ЕАС, which allows to deliver the product to the Russian market.

Futamura is a production group that, along with cellulose films, also produces a wide range of plastic films, including BOPP, MOPP, Cast PP, LLDPE, MOPE & PET, fibrous casings, fibers, activated carbon. Its plants are situated in Japan, United Kingdom and United States. The company employs about 1500 people, and sells its products to 110 countries.