Company Info

interprinter is a supplier of industrial embroidery machines and printers for textile printing. The specialists of our company are ready to provide technological support in the selection and maintenance of this equipment.

Industrial embroidery machines
These machines are used in enterprises for embroidery on garments made of any material. They, as a rule, are very large-sized, but provide a high quality of work - such devices are capable of working in three shifts with only small breaks for maintenance.
Types of cars:
Single head compact. Used to create embroidery through special programs. With their help, the operator sets the creation of a standard or original drawing, depending on the desired product.
Multihead for "sleeve" embroidery. They combined the most modern technology and many years of experience of manufacturers of industrial equipment. They are characterized by high speed, ergonomics and low noise.
Multihead for flat embroidery. Designed for embroidery on all kinds of canvases and fabrics. Their main difference from single-head equipment is that multi-head machines have a large embroidery field, which means that they can be used for mass production and sewing large size embroidery: for bedding, bedspreads, church vestments, etc. You can edit and combine the pattern, as well as resume embroidering the pattern when the machine is unplugged from the wall outlet, or in the event of a power outage, without the risk that the position of the design will be shifted. The technique will automatically remember the coordinates and number of the stitch at which the work was stopped.

Textile printers
Textile printers for printing on fabrics are classified as professional production equipment. The main buyers of such equipment are companies offering personalized clothing design services, as well as small and large enterprises. The direct digital printing method allows you to apply the image directly to the product, which makes it possible not to spend too much time on the intermediate stages of production.
Printers Features:
  • images are printed on clothes of absolutely any color scale
  • ink for printers is produced with the addition of substances that allow the ink to firmly attach to the material without the use of a long coating
  • the principle of operation of digital textile printers is simple and affordable for any user
  • the dimensions of the textile units allow not only to create products individually, but also to process several things at the same time
  • the finished print is fixed to the fabric thanks to the thermal press system
Range of services for customers:
  • assembly of equipment, commissioning, installation and reinstallation of software
  • training of client employees on working with equipment, as well as working with specialized software
  • warranty and post-warranty regular maintenance
  • diagnostics and repair

Interprinter is a partner of VELLES Group of Companies (a major supplier of industrial and domestic sewing equipment).