Company Info

"Prof-Press" Publishing House

Manufacture of fused IML label and carton cardboard packing

"Prof-Press" Publishing House is the largest printing house in Russia, operating since 2000. The key specialization is the manufacture of fused IML labels for injection molding and blown-bubble extrusion. IML labels for all types of packaging food, paint and varnish, household products etc., including large labels. In addition, you can order a wide range of cardboard packing.

Company information

The Prof-Press Group of Companies, one of the largest printing houses in Russia, was founded and has been actively developing since 2000.

  • More than 1,000 employees
  • More than 100 units of modern production lines
  • More than 40,000 items in the product range
  • More than 20,000 m2 of production facilities
  • Own dealer and logistics network

One of the key areas of our company's work is the production of all types of fused (IML) labels and other printed products, such as cardboard packing.

  • Specialized workshop of more than 4,000 m2.
  • Production of labels by the method of sheet offset printing, providing the highest image quality.
  • The latest printing equipment of a unique configuration from the world leader HEIDELBERG company.
  • High-precision high-speed rotary and die cutting equipment for labels serving.
  • A full range of prepress preparation using the most modern software.

Our advantages

Wide range of products

Experience and




Convenient logistics


technical support

Fused IML labels

For our customers, we offer a large range of fused (IML) labels, which is constantly being updated and expanded.

For different technologies:

  • For injection molding
  • For blow molding

Any shape and size:

  • Labels with a simple and figured outline
  • Labels with a hole
  • From minimal to extra large (capacities up to 30 l)

For different markets:

  • Food packaging
  • Paint packaging
  • Household and home goods
  • Stationery, cosmetics and other goods

Various films and textures:

  • Porous, with the effect of "orange peel"
  • Smooth
  • Transparent

Special printing and finishing options:

We offer a wide range of special visual and functional options

  • Two-sided printing

  • Metallization, partial or complete

  • Glossy and matte finish

  • Effect "Craft" and "Soft touch"

  • Selective varnishing

  • Resistant to high temperature pasteurization

Extra service for you:

  • Expert technical support and support when launching IML projects
  • Consultations in the selection of the optimal solution for your type of packaging
  • Wide range of test materials
  • Professional review of design layouts
  • Organization of logistics services

Cardboard packaging of any complexity

The first impression, the first emotion and the first desire to own your product is created by the combination of design, form and quality of packaging. Being the face of the product on the shelf, it will tell about its merits and cause an irresistible desire of the consumer to get acquainted with the content as soon as possible. Practical, unique and reliable packaging is a guarantee of realization of ideas and sustainable development of your business.

We work with various markets:

  • Food packaging
  • Cosmetic
  • Gift
  • Shoe
  • Souvenir

Types of boxes we can offer you:

  • From coated cardboard (thickness 0.3-0.8 mm)
  • From mill-lined cardboard (thickness from 1.25 mm to 3 mm)
  • From Micro Flute Board (MFB, 1.51.8 mm thick)