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    Pack life science and healthcare products securely, flexibly and efficiently

    Medical devices and sensitive products place the highest demands on pack quality and secure packaging processes. Since the trend in the medical sector towards greater product individualisation, complexity and variety continues unabated, leading increasingly to ever smaller batch sizes, MULTIVAC will be presenting at MedtecLIVE 2020 a number of flexible solutions for packing small product series reliably and efficiently. Another focus at the trade fair will be identification and inspection systems, which make a major contribution to higher levels of product and patient safety.

    From its traysealer range MULTIVAC will be showing the semi-automatic T 260 traysealer, which was specially developed for the high demands of the medical devices industry. The features of this compact machine are its precise temperature control and distribution, as well as its highly controlled sealing pressure, and it therefore offers the maximum level of pack quality, reproducibility and process reliability.

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    Sustainable packaging solutions for fish and seafood

    From 21 to 23 April at Seafood Expo Global in Brussels, MULTIVAC will be exhibiting packaging solutions, which contribute to extending the shelf life of fish and seafood, as well as ensuring that the product is presented attractively at the point of sale. In addition to concepts for producing high-quality vacuum skin packs, the focus of MULTIVAC's presence at the trade fair will include sustainable packaging solutions and a presentation of the company's expertise in automation.

    This year in Brussels MULTIVAC will be focusing primarily on the subject of sustainability. On display will be a range of concepts, which contribute to reducing the use of plastics in packaging production, as well as concepts for producing packs that meet recycling requirements. The MULTIVAC PaperBoard range comprises a wide variety of paper fibre-based materials, which MULTIVAC has developed in conjunction with leading packaging manufacturers, and which can be used to produce MAP and vacuum skin packs on thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers.

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    Tailor-made packaging solutions from a single source

    At this year's interpack MULTIVAC will be exhibiting packaging solutions for sensitive products. The highlight will be the RX 4.0 thermoforming packaging machine in GMP design, which will be presented to the visitors for the first time. In conjunction with an integrated handling module and an InteliJet HD printer from BELL-MARK, it forms an efficient solution for producing and printing combi packs containing a syringe, filter and vial.

    RX 4.0 in GMP design for producing combi packs

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    MULTIVAC demonstrates its expertise in automation and complete lines

    At this year's interpack MULTIVAC will be presenting itself as a supplier of integrated solutions in packaging and processing. The company's focus on the main exhibition stand (Hall 5, E 23) will include four fully automated packaging lines, as well as concepts for producing sustainable packaging solutions. There will also be solutions on show for the digitalisation of processes and business models.

    Solution for fully automatic packing in trays

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    Sustainable packaging solutions for fruit and vegetables

    From 5 to 7 February in Berlin MULTIVAC will be presenting its wide range of solutions for packing fruit and vegetables. In addition to packaging solutions, which contribute to extending the shelf life of fresh products, another major focus of the trade fair will be the presentation of sustainable packaging concepts and attractive labelling solutions for fruit and vegetables as well as snacks and fresh cut products of all types.

    The exhibits will include the TX 710, a traysealer from the new X-line machine generation. The features of this traysealer are its innovative machine technology, comprehensive sensor system, intelligent control and high degree of process reliability - and it sets the benchmark in terms of pack quality and consistently high cycle output. At the trade fair MULTIVAC will be showing an application for packing strawberries in trays made of corrugated board, which are sealed with a PET single-layer film.

    The sustainable packing of corncobs will be demonstrated on a compact R 085 thermoforming packaging machine. This efficient machine is aimed particularly at manufacturers, who produce smaller batch sizes. If the machine is designed as the R 085 e-concept version, it can even be operated without compressed air and water, and this offers a high degree of flexibility in the positioning of the machine in the production environment.

    The XMesh® and FreshSafe packaging concepts will also be presented at the trade fair. XMesh® is a material which, thanks to its net-like structure, provides the air permeability that is so important for fruit and vegetables, and therefore ensures that an extended shelf life is achieved for the product. In addition to this, the FreshSafe system for thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers will also be shown, in which the upper web is perforated inline during the packaging process. The perforation pattern can be individually designed for the product that is to be packed. This means that a defined gas permeability can be set for EMAP packs, increasing the shelf life of the product significantly. This solution is particularly cost-effective, since standard packaging materials can be used, meaning that there is no requirement to stock materials with different perforations.

    And last but not least, the L 310 conveyor belt labeller for wrap-around labelling of packs (full wrap labelling) will also be shown to the public. This type of labelling offers many possibilities in the design of the pack, and this in turn contributes significantly to increasing the attractiveness of these packs at the point of sale.

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    The DNA of Better Packaging and Processing

    At interpack 2020 in Düsseldorf MULTIVAC will be presenting itself as a supplier of integrated solutions in packaging and processing. International visitors to MULTIVAC's five exhibition areas will be able to learn all about the company's comprehensive range of solutions as well as the expertise of the MULTIVAC Group in all applications. The company will also be focusing at the trade fair on concepts for producing sustainable packaging solutions, as well as on the digitalisation of processes and business models.

    The main stand in Hall 5 (E 23) will focus primarily on the food processing industry. Here MULTIVAC will be showing four fully automated packaging lines to demonstrate its far-reaching expertise in line automation, as well as exhibiting a wide range of different packaging technologies. Concepts for producing sustainable packaging solutions will also be featured, as well as aspects of digitalisation in processes and business models.

    Utilising an outside area (between Hall 5 and 7), MULTIVAC will be showing a fully integrated solution in live operation for the slicing and thermoforming packaging of a wide range of products. The fully automated line consists of MULTIVAC's highest-output slicer model and a thermoforming packaging machine.

    Exhibiting on another outside are (in front of Hall 5), MULTIVAC will be giving an insight into its wide range of semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging solutions for small and medium-sized processors. This includes chamber machines, traysealers and compact thermoforming packaging machines.

    Trade fair visitors to FRITSCH (Hall 3, C 04) can find answers to their questions on all aspects of dough forming and processing as well as details of the company's comprehensive product range - from solutions for hand-crafted producers right up to industrial-scale manufacturers.

    In addition to this, MULTIVAC will be presenting in Hall 16 (Stand B 72) a range of solutions for packing medical and pharmaceutical products. The exhibits include solutions for the automatic packing of sensitive products and small batches, as well as marking and automation solutions, which are specifically designed for the high demands of this sector.

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    Flexible packaging solutions for small to medium-sized batches

    At Compamed, which takes place from 18 to 21 November, MULTIVAC will be showcasing its comprehensive expertise in automation and packaging of medical products in small to medium-sized batches. These efficient solutions are ideally suited to packing a wide range of products in many different pack formats.

    One of the MULTIVAC highlights at the exhibition is a packaging line for sterile medical products, which is equipped with an automatic infeed system for loading pre-filled glass or plastic syringes. The heart of the line is a R 245 thermoforming packaging machine, which is capable of being freely configured. The infeed system, which brings the products directly into the pack cavities in a very controlled and reliable way, consists of a shaft infeed system, a separating wheel, a transport conveyor and an H 242 handling module. For printing the packs with variable production data, a high-performance digital printer from Bell-Mark is used, which features a large print area and excellent print quality on a wide range of materials. A visual inspection system from MULTIVAC provides automatic monitoring of quality and print. All the MULTIVAC components are synchronised with the thermoforming packaging machine, and they can be operated conveniently and reliably via its control terminal.

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    New management duo for the FRITSCH Group

    With effect from 1 August 2019, MULTIVAC is entrusting the management of the recently acquired FRITSCH Group to two experienced executives, Andreas Eyd and Frank Gabriel. With this move MULTIVAC is setting a course for the positive and sustainable business development of this leading manufacturer of bakery equipment - as well as rapidly driving forward its integration into the MULTIVAC Group.

    Andreas Eyd will be responsible for the sales management of the company, while Frank Gabriel will be responsible for its technical leadership. Together with the existing managers, the new management duo will direct and develop the FRITSCH Group as a stand-alone business.

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    Efficient and sustainable packaging solutions with a vision of the future

    At FachPack 2019 MULTIVAC will be showing a number of forward-looking innovations from its various business units. The exhibits include the new X-line machine generation, which will be presented at the trade fair in the form of the RX 4.0 thermoforming packaging machine and the TX 710 traysealer. Another focus of the trade fair will be concepts for sustainable packaging. These meet the current demands for recyclability and for minimisation of plastic consumption in the production of packs. The company's presence at the trade fair is rounded off with a presentation of its labelling and marking innovations, including a new generation of cross web labellers and new direct web printers, as well as a solution for efficient wrap-around labelling of packs (full-wrap labelling).

    MULTIVAC has expanded its X-line machine generation with the addition of a further future-proofed model, the new TX 710 traysealer. The features of this traysealer are a robust machine concept and an intelligent control system, which together provide the maximum flexibility, output and reliability. In Nuremberg the TX 710 will be the centrepiece of a fully automated packaging line, which also includes a L 310 conveyor belt labeller for the attractive wrap-around labelling of packs (full-wrap labelling).

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    MULTIVAC takes over the FRITSCH Group

    MULTIVAC takes over the FRITSCH Group and further expands its range of solutions for the bakery industry.

    FRITSCH is a leading manufacturer of bakery equipment with its headquarters in the town of Markt Einersheim in Lower Franconia. The product range consists of high-performance equipment and groundbreaking technology for dough forming and processing. FRITSCH offers the right solution for every size of company - from tabletop units to industrial-scale equipment. Premium bakery products are produced with FRITSCH machines throughout the world.