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OMET Printing Division OMET 2 Tissue Division

Xflex X2 , X4 and Xflex X6 models were designed to allow the operator to work easily and instinctively on any job.

Production of high quality conventional labels as well as being able to print on special materials. OMET is offering this sector a complete printing press which maintains top quality, and allows the printer to run any kind of material from plastic film to adhesive labels - and all with incredible set-up times of less than 30 seconds.

OMET Xflex X4 OMET Xflex X6

The high precision and stability offered by this presses eliminate vibration in favour of quality and a reduction of maintenance costs. The possibility of combining different printing processes, which are completely interchangeable with each other, such as hot foil, cold foil, lamination, screen, reverse side print, print on adhesive, at any print station make the machine particularly versatile and suitable for supplying different finishing solutions.

Combination, the best platform for printing with Flexo + Offset + Screen + Gravure + Digital

OMET Xflex X2

XFlex X6 Digital

OMET JetPlus is a modular wide format printing system, which combines the flexibility of digital printing with the productivity of flexo. Specially recommended for very high-quality labels and packaging used to present and give value to prestigious products in small to medium runs, OMET JetPlus can print on a variety of different substrates. Based on heads with a resolution of 600x600 DPI, OMET JetPlus is a compact, modular monochrome or CMYK printing system. The heads can be easily changed to preserve printing quality and machine availability. JetPlus is equipped with an innovative automatic washing system, which prevents the ink on the printing heads from drying even when the press is in standby. The user interface is easy to handle, offers a good control over the machine and thanks to its Windows technology it is truly intuitive. Start up procedure is very easy and fast. OMET JetPlus ensures high throughput due to high linear speed (up to 50 m/min) and large format print width (650 mm - 25” 19/32).

Varyflex V2 PACKAGING is well-known for its unique platform concept, designed to offer a wide range of printing and finishing technologies. UV, water-based or solvent-based flexo, and movable gravure can be easily combined, with hot or cold foil can be integrated in order to supply a complete range of finishing.
As a consequence, Varyflex V2 PACKAGING is the ideal platform for flexible packaging printers who look into short runs and profitable market niches.
Furthermore, a wide choice of converting systems and option is the complete solution for single or multi-layers films and laminate. Varyflex V2 PACKAGING offers servo-driven flexible printing modules, off-line or on-press colour preparation thanks to the ink cassette system; high precision pre- and automatic register control; in-line lamination and hot-melt coaters.
The ultimate narrow & mid-web Converting Line.
OMET Varyflex V2 CARTON is a special version design dedicated to in-line carton printing and converting. Ideal for food, tobacco, fast moving consumer goods and cosmetic applications.
This is a complimentary solution for sheet fed offset printers who are chased by short runs with no or low profitability. Varyflex V2 CARTON makes easy and possible all those jobs that becomes non-cost-effective in offset.
Finishing includes: roll to roll, roll to sheet, roll to blank with flexible delivery systems (sheeters, shingling table). Offline press die cylinder preparation is possible thanks to cassette style die changeover.
Varyflex V2 CARTON offers many different technologies like silk-screen, cold foil, hot foil, hologram stamping, front/reverse printing, all-in-one pass.
Tissue Converting

OMET VaryFlex V2 COMBINATION platform line extends the range of printing technologies available to all currently available commercial technologies, including digital. This enables converters to compete in the high end market by adding new visibility to the packaging printing.
Adding offset printing units, the VaryFlex V2 COMBINATION meets the latest international standards for prepress, process printing, and inking, combined with low cost plate making and precise colour control. Printing standards with V2 COMBINATION can now break the limits and jump into a unique area of quality, short runs and profitability.
A Top Performer across a wide range of substrates
Varyflex V2 PACKAGING is well-known for its unique platform concept, designed to offer a wide range of printing and finishing technologies. UV, water-based or solvent-based flexo, and movable gravure can be easily combined, with hot or cold foil can be integrated in order to supply a complete range of finishing.


Varyflex V2 Offset

Equipped with state-of-the-art V2 Mid-Web Offset print units using lightweight sleeves for quick and easy job changeover,
Varyflex V2 Offset is the ideal press to handle difficult substrates like thin unsupported films, multi-layer films or laminates. Varyflex V2 Offset is extremely flexible and highly productive in the printing of small to long runs of flexible packaging, labels, carton boxes and special applications. Available in web widths 670mm (26’’) and 850mm (33’’), Varyflex V2 Offset is made unique by the introduction of V2 Mid-web Offset print unit granting the highest operational flexibility, simplicity in use, wide machine accessibility and targeting the greatest efficiency. The V2 Offset print unit core is the ink train composed of 20 rollers (+1 extra roller that keeps dampening separate from inking) and characterized by 100% repeatable and consistent dampening. What makes Varyflex V2 Offset a truly variable-size press, though, is its “Easy Sleeve Format Change” System (patented by OMET) using lightweight pneumo-locking sleeves, easy to handle and replace on the press. Varyflex V2 Offset is synonymous of premium Offset printing
quality reached thanks to the whole system rigidity, the variable repeat sleeve change, the innovative inking system and the presence of direct drive motors.

TV 502 is the machine with vacuum fold. The machine allows a very wide range of folds, which can be made in a simple and completely automatic way. TV 502 allows working different types of materials and obtaining several products: printed napkins, medical clothing, towels for hospitals, clothes to clean floors, industrial towels and etc. The machine is available in different configurations and options according to the needs and foresees functions with and without print. The result is always guaranteed: quality in folding and perfect prints up to eight colours. OMET TV 502
TV 503 is the ideal solution for producing napkins both for the Consumer market. It manufactures napkins with multiple folding possibilities: (1/4, 1/8, 1/6, etc.) as well as bar mats and table sets and can process a wide range of materials. High quality print modules from 1 to 6 colours are also available, ensuring extremely fast changeovers and the best solution for short runs. The machine allows different formats to be produced thanks to its quick change tooling. Highly reliable and flexible automatic transfer systems offer line automation. Easy to use and very reliable, thanks to accurate controls on each component. Tv 503 - 2A
TV 840 Easy is a flexible and highly productive machine, suitable for large productions of napkins. Productivity over 4,000 napkins a minute and folds of various types, using different formats and materials . Regardless of the used material, the TV 840 Easy guarantees an absolute precision in the embossing, printing and folding phases. OMET TV840 Easy
TV 841 SL HS has a compact layout and an ergonomic structure which is able to make the operator's actions easier. TV 841 offers high-quality products for each used material, both tissue and air laid. Pre-register function for the embossing reduces the start up times and the waste. Production speed is about 850 m/min with a production of over 5,600 pcs/min and can be coupled to automatic transfer . TV841
AS 2600 - cost efficient machine line, suitable for large productions of paper towels. These high-performance automatic folders allow producing (single-ply, double-ply and/or glued double-ply) paper towels which can be in different folds. The new Fasten Pack technology - gluing the tail of the first packet to the head of the second one - offers significant advantages for users. Machine allows obtaining a high productivity (up to 18,000 towels/min). AS 2600