Company Info

Russian producer of packaging equipment. The company produces and sells vertical machines for packing different kinds of granular and powder products, horizontal machines for single products, group-packing machines for bags, tins, jars and bottles, flow-wrapping machines, shrink tunnels, scales and volume dosing units, flat top machines, dosing machines into ready containers, dough rolling machine, clip machines, elevators, conveyors and other equipment.

  1. Automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines
  2. Horizontal (flow pack) packaging machines (flow pack)
  3. Weighing and dosing systems
  4. Machines for packing granular and paste products into ready containers
  5. Machines for wrapping flat products with shrink film (L-sealer)
  6. Machines and complexes for group packing of products into shrink film
  7. Shrink tunnels
    Machines for making flat top bags
  8. Clip machines
  9. Dough rolling machines
  10. Air blowing units
  11. Elevators, conveyors, loaders
  12. Loader "UZ-50"
  13. Labeling machines, valve applying units