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The "AURORA" Group Company, established since 1998, and specializes in complex equipment for enterprises' own production.It manufactures filling, capping , crimping , washing and other kinds of equipment, which are necessary for the organization of the filling process .The manufactured equipment has all necessary permitting documents , including original patented RF technology, more than a hundred positive reviews on the work .

About us Who we are AURORA PAK ENGINEERING is one of the oldest projects included in the group of companies of Turin. Aurora for nearly 20 years produces and supplies the market of Russia, CIS and abroad packing and packing equipment. The main activity of our company is production, installation and service of automatic and semi-automatic production lines of washing, filling, capping and labeling for small, medium and large production runs. Also, in addition to the equipment of our own Assembly, we supply high-performance automatic equipment for the production of a full cycle of preparation, packing, primary and final packaging of liquid, pasty and free flowing products. Conduct commissioning and acceptance of FAT automatic equipment for production and packaging produced by our partners from Europe and Asia.
A bit of history Since 1998, we work with clients from the pharmaceutical and food industry. First own developments of plant Aurora steel capping machines for the production of pharmacies and small scale pharmaceutical and veterinary industries. This is already in the early 2000s, we have mastered the production of peristaltic and piston dispensers specifically for pharmaceutical companies. From the very beginning we have tried to provide customers with products that meet all necessary requirements for pharmaceutical equipment, and only then implements GMP standards. In 2000-ies was a period of rapid development, the company involved in the growth of the needs of our customers in the new more highly technological equipment for filling and packaging of drugs. At this time we have mastered the manufacture of complete production lines from the sinks and the formation of the bottles and ending with the areas of labelling and Dating. Also in order to fully meet the needs of large pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers we started to supply foreign equipment of known European and Asian manufacturers.
Now AURORA PAK ENGINEERING is an enterprise with full cycle, in which we are ready to perform services for the engineering, validation, selection of the necessary technological equipment, with the subsequent execution of works for supply and commissioning of equipment as a single production line. Why we Available For a long time, we have gained a good reputation among partner companies, which allows us to provide you with equipment at a price below the selling partner. You can easily check by contacting us on request. Honestly During the time that we are on the market have been developed and successfully applied the policy of "fair prices" at which the equipment costs as much it should cost, regardless of your financial capabilities. This means that You can be sure in the absence of high prices. Also, in exceptional cases, we try to meet the customer by reducing prices. Securely The company's slogan Reliable equipment proved not only by availability of quality management certificate, but also the feedback from our customers and rich experience of successful operation of our manufactured equipment. A wide range of equipment for various production phases of medicines from manual machines to automatic lines in the hardware catalog. You will be able to match machines for individual tasks, in accordance with the requirements and Your budget. Commissioning of the responsible node of the monoblock filling-capping A feature of the market of technological equipment for the preparation, bottling and packaging is that manufactured and supplied by us equipment is on request and subject to customer's samples. Also prior to acceptance and shipment all equipment is debugging on the nominal performance of all types of samples of the customer and in accordance with the technical specifications. After the break-in is happening FAT acceptance. For carrying FAT is going to a Committee consisting of head of the Assembly of the site, fitter and designer of this machine, Manager, master project, and a representative of the customer. In the absence of the representative of the customer is performed videography of the equipment, and the Act of technical readiness of the equipment. Ready equipment is packaged in wooden containers to protect the machine during transport. Shipping is done by truck to the customer's door.