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    To support the fast-growing medical cannabis sector – expected to be worth $32 billion globally by 2024 - with automation solutions, Ishida has launched two specialist multihead weighers for the high-speed weighing of pharmaceutical / medical-grade cannabis flowers with close to zero product giveaway.

    Both models – the RV-214-Micro for ultra-low target weights from 0.5g to 20g and the RV-214-05 with a weighing range from 3g to 50g – are capable of up to 100 weighments per minute. They feature a new Ishida designed and manufactured loadcell which measures weighing increments as low as 0.01g for the RV-214-Micro and 0.025g for the RV-214-05, thus ensuring unsurpassed accuracy for the weighing of very low target weight applications.

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    Ishida Co Ltd deeply regrets to announce the death of the company’s Honorary Chairman and former President Mr Ryuichi Ishida, who passed away after a short illness on January 18.

    Mr Ishida was the fourth generation of the Ishida family to lead the company, joining the business in 1960 and becoming President in 1967, a position he held until 2010 when he became Chairman of Ishida, passing on the presidency to his son Mr Takahide Ishida. Upon his retirement in 2014, he was appointed Ishida’s Honorary Chairman.

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    Food Packaging vs. Waste

    A panel of six guests from different disciplines including food manufacturing, packaging, machinery supply, academia and legislative, together with an invited audience of around 30 people from a number of backgrounds, will look at the many issues and factors involved in tackling this issue. The event takes place on 13th February and will also be transmitted live via a webinar, with the ability for participants to contribute as well.

    Confirmed members of the round table so far are Professor Martin Howarth of Sheffield Hallam University, Andy Griffith, Head of Value Chain Sustainability at Nestlé, and Ed Roberts, Regional Sustainability Director EMEA, Sealed Air.

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    Ishida Europe has launched an enhanced version of its top-selling mid-range multihead weighers that offers even greater levels of performance in the fast and accurate weighing of a wide variety of dry, frozen and sticky products.

    The new RVE Series, which has been further expanded to include a 24-head model alongside 10, 14, 16 and 20 head variants, now features patented Ishida technology, Powerful Frequency Controlled Vibration (PFCV), that provides greater control of the infeed of product at the top of the weigher and during transfer to the weigh hoppers. By being able to automatically vary both the amplitude and frequency of vibration, the weighers ensure a steady and consistent flow of product in order to maintain speed and efficiencies and eliminate the danger of overfill in the hoppers.

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    A new multihead weigher solution from Ishida is enabling a leading German logistics service provider to weigh and pack nuts, bolts and washers into cardboard boxes more quickly and flexibly than ever before.

    Hardware from the Würth Group enjoys an outstanding reputation. Its subsidiary WLC Würth-Logistik provides the primary packaging for more than 1,000 different products, with eight different pack types, fill weights between 40g and 4.5kg and quantities between 50 and 1,000 pcs per box.

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    Ishida X-Ray Ensures Highest Quality and Safety Standards for Diced Potatoes

    An Ishida IX-GN 4043 x-ray inspection system is delivering the highest levels of sensitivity and accuracy in order to meet the stringent quality standards of leading fresh prepared potato processor Swancote Foods.

    The company is part of the Produce Investments group and a sister company to Greenvale AP, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fresh potatoes. Swancote Foods is a specialist business that converts fresh potatoes into high quality prepared potato ingredients for other food manufacturing companies. The Ishida IX-GN has been installed for its versatility and ability to spot the smallest contaminants as well as any build-up of scale that occurs during the cooking process itself.

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    Ishida Launches Specialist Hardware Multihead Weighers

    Ishida Europe has extended its range of application-specific Sector Solutions multihead weighers with the introduction of models designed to handle a variety of hardware products such as nuts, bolts, screws and plastic parts.

    The new 10 and 14 head weighers, based on Ishida’s proven RVE series, incorporate a number of specialist features for the accurate and efficient weighing of varying shapes, sizes and piece weights at different target weights. The two 10 head models offer a choice of three and five litre hoppers according to individual piece sizes and dump volumes with top speeds of 70 and 60 weighments per minute (wpm) respectively. The 14 head model with three litre hoppers delivers higher speeds up to 100wpm as well as the availability of improved weighing combinations for smaller piece counts.

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    Weighing Accuracy is a Cereal Winner for Sante

    Ishida weighing technology is delivering the pinpoint accuracy that is enabling Poland's leading manufacturer of cereals to achieve excellent productivity and brand consistency across its wide range of granola, muesli, flakes and directly expanded products.

    Sante’s factory in Sobolew, near Warsaw, produces over 100 tons of cereals per day. The company currently has 20 Ishida multihead weighers, the most recent of which are two 16 head booster hopper models in a three mix configuration, capable of handling up to three products separately for discharge into the same pack.

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    X-Ray Models Ideal for Large Items

    Ishida Europe has extended its range of x-ray inspection systems with the launch of two models specifically designed for larger size products and pack formats.

    The new IX-EN-5592 and IX-GN-5523 can detect a wide range of foreign bodies in large and heavy products, both packed and unpacked, such as transit cases and blocks of cheese. Their high-capacity inspection chambers - 550mm wide and 270mm in height - are perfectly suited to the EURO standard 600mm x 400mm cases and crates and are able to handle products with weights up to 25kg.

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    Ishida’s ability to devise universally available solutions for specific products and applications has been underlined by the introduction of a new multihead weigher into its Sector Solutions range. The CCW-RV-216W-1S-20-SS-STK1 is a standard model designed to handle the particular challenges of stick snack products at high speeds - up to 120 packs per minute - with no loss of accuracy or product quality.

    Pretzel sticks - in salted, plain, seeded and filled varieties - are a hugely popular snack in countries such as Germany, Turkey and the Middle East and are a growing market in many other areas. Their fragile and dusty nature makes them particularly difficult to pack in an automated weighing system.