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    Krones HMI wins iF Design Award

  • For 65 years now, the iF Design Award has been a globally recognised trademark when it comes to excellent design and outstanding user experience (UX). And that’s precisely where the Krones Connected HMI proved persuasive in the communication design category.

    The HMI – the Human-Machine Interface – is the link between the human operator and the machine, and ensures that both sides can communicate with each other in fractions of a second without any problems. Its housing has been specially tailored to the requirements encountered in the beverage industry, and thanks to a combination of stainless steel and glass meets Krones’ stipulations for a hygienic design.

    For the user, the HMI is gaining even more importance as the central point of access to the line’s control system, especially while automation and digitalisation are being progressed. An innovative navigational structure renders operator control intuitive, and creates an option for customising the screen’s contents by setting up dashboards to suit a client’s own particular needs. The large multi-touch display ensures easy-read user-friendly operator control. What looks modern also injects a high degree of digitalisation into the line as a whole: because thanks to open, standardised data interfaces the HMI links up with higher-order IT systems like MES or Share2Act.