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    Krones joins the EU’s Circular Economy Initiative

    A network for prime movers: the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform brings together companies and initiatives proactively engaged in creating a circular European economy. It was set up by the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee with the declared goal of closing material cycles and thus putting in place a firm foundation for a more sustainable future.

    As a high-tech company that has signed up to developing eco-friendly technology for recyclable packaging, Krones not only sees this project’s goals as strikingly similar to its own aspirations but can even make a substantial contribution towards turning the vision of a closed-loop recycling economy into hands-on reality. That is why Krones joined the platform and entered into a self-imposed commitment to the following eight targets:

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    Evolutionary quantum leap in inspection technology: Krones employs deep learning for empty bottle inspection

    Anyone who works with empty bottle inspectors knows that not every bottle that the inspector rejects actually has a defect. In most cases, it might simply be water droplets or a bit of foam still clinging to the bottle after cleaning. Since conventional systems can’t always distinguish these from contaminants or damage with 100 per cent certainty, they tend to err on the side of caution and reject the container. As a result, in every production shift, countless perfectly usable bottles land in the trash, never to be seen again.

    To change that, Krones has taken the evolution of its inspection technology to the next level. The new Linatronic AI employs deep learning software to automatically detect and classify anomalies, making it much smarter and more efficient than its conventional peers.

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    O-I Glass and Krones AG sign Collaboration Agreement

    O-I Glass, Inc. and Germany’s Krones AG signed a strategic collaboration agreement that aims to elevate glass by innovating together and to jointly create solutions for the growing glass market.

    “For O-I, glass is the preferred packaging solution in a world that increasingly values health, premium products and the environment. Not only does it maintain the integrity of the products and protects the environment, as customers and consumers intend, but it also offers magnificent opportunities for establishing brands and implementing sustainable solutions,” explains Andres Lopez, President and CEO at O-I. “This agreement is the first step that O-I and Krones are taking together in order to offer clients completely integrated, end-to-end solutions in the future.”

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    First-ever canning line for Bundaberg Brewed Drinks

    The past five years have been a genuine success story for the Craftmate C: since it was premiered at the BrauBeviale 2015, 80 beverage producers have opted for this compact-size can filler from Krones – the majority of them craft breweries in North America. But the Craftmate proves persuasive in the rest of the world, too: Krones has, for instance, delivered six of these machines to Australia in the last three years.

    That the Craftmate is ideally suited not only for craft beer but for all other types of craft drinks is vividly demonstrated by Bundaberg Brewed Drinks. The Australian family firm produces premium soft drinks like ginger beer, and exports these to more than 60 countries. It fills them into the iconic amber glass stubby bottles, and now also cans them in-house. For this purpose, the company has invested in a canning line, for which Krones supplied the entire wet end: besides the line’s heart, a Craftmate C, a Canmatic empty-can inspector, a Contiflow mixer, two Checkmat inspection systems, a LinaTherm warmer and a Linadry drier are also included in the scope of delivery.

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    Krones and innocent are building a CO2-neutral bottling plant

    Following long years of contract-bottling, the smoothie and juice producer innocent has decided to build the very first bottling plant of its own.

    Krones won the order for four complete PET bottling lines and the corresponding IT landscape. The paramount consideration for “the blender”, as innocent has christened its greenfield project, was sustainability: the aim is to build an entirely CO2-neutral factory. “But we’re also keen to reduce water consumption to a minimum, since we want to treat and re-use as much of it as possible,” explains Sam Woollett, Engineering and Facilities Lead. Each of the four identical PET lines handles up to 32,000 containers an hour. The new plant has been tasked with filling about 400 million bottles of chilled drinks a year. In all, innocent has invested approximately 250 million US-dollars in this project.

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    Krones supports medical and charitable institutions

    The demand for disinfectants has currently reached unprecedented heights. Though adequate resupply is assured, many institutions are receiving this in large-size containers, which in practice are difficult to handle. For this reason, Krones is supporting hospitals, government agencies, police stations and fire brigades with its expertise, and is providing not only PET containers but also the appropriate filling options.

    In mid-March, Krones was already supplying Regensburg University Clinic (UKR) with 5,000 half-litre PET containers for transferring disinfectants from large-size containers into these. But since manual filling is not only very time-consuming but also labour-intensive, Krones once again demonstrated its expertise in terms of filling technology, and designed what is so far the smallest filler in the firm’s history. The UKR’s in-house pharmacy can now use this filler for transferring the resupply of disinfectants more quickly, thus substantially reducing the workload of its own staff and the clinic as a whole.

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    Krones achieves full-year growth target for 2019

    Krones, the world’s leading manufacturer of filling and packaging technology, achieved its 3% growth target in 2019 despite the difficult overall economic environment. Revenue increased by 2.7% year-on-year, from €3,854.0 million to €3,958.9 million.

    The company’s order intake improved by 3.2%, from €3,957.3 million in the previous year to €4,083.5 million in 2019. Krones benefited from a strong year-end. The contract value of orders was up 10.7% year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2019. At the end of 2019, the company had orders on hand totalling €1,385.7 million. This exceeded the already high prior-year order backlog of €1,261.1 million by 9.9%.

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    Unique labeller for unique containers

    A label with creases, and a labeller that deliberately produces these creases – what for most beverage producers is a no-no was one of the paramount requirements of Mozart Distillerie in Salzburg. A look at the container’s shape explains the paradox: the liqueur bottles are spherical, to connote the world-famous “Mozart-Kugel”. The label, made of aluminium-coated paper foil, is required to fit snugly round the container – and to look as if it had been applied by hand.

    Hitherto, Mozart Distillerie had been using what is meanwhile a 30-year-old labeller from a customised-machine manufacturer, which Plant Manager Friedrich Guggenberger had progressively individualised over the course of time with numerous design enhancements of his own. But the output no longer sufficed – and Mozart Distillerie was looking for a partner to jointly develop a new machine.

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    Krones at upakovka 2020

    The fact plastics are getting much attention in these days – a fact which is also noticeable at the upakovka in Moscow, the trade fair for process and packaging technology. In 2019, approximately 25,000 interested people visited the trade fair.

    Krones has been one of its exhibitors for more than 20 years and will be present again at the upakovka in 2020. From 28th to 31st January, Krones will be present together with its subsidiaries MHT and Evoguard. At the fair stand of 60 square metres, our experts in plastics technology will provide our visitors with detailed information about PET recycling.

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    New compact glass filler Craftmate G for beer and CSDs

    At the BrauBeviale 2019, Krones is presenting a compact-size glass filler for beer and CSDs. Modelled on the technical features of the field-proven Modulfill series, the Craftmate G scores highly not least in terms of its minimised footprint.

    The Craftmate G is the latest addition to Krones’ family of fillers: its non-identical twin is the Craftmate C, the small can filler that’s proved highly successful on the market since 2015. The Craftmate G, by contrast, as the abbreviation “G” already suggests, handles glass bottles. In technological terms, it resembles its big siblings in the Modulfill series: for instance, like the field-proven HRS system, it features a vent tube, and it can be combined with up to two closers for crowns, screw-caps or aluminium roll-on closures. This provides brewers with the flexibility they need to handle not only beer, but CSDs as well. The complete system of filler and one or more closers is available in both directions of rotation, so there are no limits imposed on integration into existing lines.