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    Beatrix Praeceptor designated to become CEO of Greiner Packaging division

    Beatrix Praeceptor is to assume the management of Greiner Packaging International GmbH as of May 1, 2023. She will be succeeding Manfred Stanek, who will be joining Greiner AG’s Executive Board as of January 1, 2023 and will hold a dual role until Praeceptor takes over her position.

    Beatrix Praeceptor (55) most recently worked as Chief Procurement Officer for the Mondi Group and has both international industry expertise and management experience with a strong focus on sustainability.

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    Commitment to sustainability awarded silver

    Greiner Bio-One had its sustainability efforts evaluated for the first time for the entire Group through the EcoVadis platform and was awarded the silver medal for its commitment. The Greiner Bio-One Group achieved 60 out of 100 points. With this overall rating, the company group ranks among the top 20% of all companies evaluated. Greiner Bio-
    One even ranks among the top 8% in its own industry – production of medical and dental equipment and materials.

    “We are delighted with this great assessment of our commitment. We are proud of what we have achieved so far. At the same time, we are looking ahead. Our motivation is to align our actions with sustainability principles and continuously improve them – this is not a sprint but rather a marathon", Rainer Perneker, CEO of Greiner Bio-One International GmbH.

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    Greiner AG launches pilot project for climate-friendly mobility

    “The future of mobility is electric. Only with fully electric transportation and many other sustainability activities will we be able to minimize the impact of the climate crisis,” says Axel Kühner, Greiner CEO. Greiner AG has developed an electric car leasing model for its employees. More than a quarter of Greiner AG’s employees have taken up the offer within the framework of the pilot project and begun to drive electric cars. The employees use cars from BMW and Cupra, which they can charge in an environmentally friendly manner at their workplace. “Most of our employees rely on their car. I am delighted that so many of them have switched from the combustion engine to electric power. This shows that sustainability is truly put into practice at Greiner,” says Kühner.

    The offer includes servicing, discounted insurance, and charging

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    Greiner launches in-house recycling as it acquires first recycling plant and enters recyclable material business

    "Greiner has set itself ambitious targets as far as sustainability is concerned. With the first recycling plant in the company's history, we intend to increase the amount of recycled material used to manufacture our products. That represents an important step on the journey toward a sustainable circular economy at Greiner," says Axel Kühner, CEO of Greiner AG, at the acquisition of Serbian PET flake producer ALWAG by the Greiner Packaging division on September 1. The company will be renamed Greiner Recycling d.o.o. and will operate as a separate unit directly under Greiner Packaging International. It will continue to focus on recycling PET and other materials. These are used in the form of flakes for the production of packaging.

    With this acquisition, Greiner is expanding its business model across the value chain and has now added the reprocessing of recyclable materials to its areas of operation. Some recycled materials, all of which previously had to be bought in from external suppliers, will now be produced in house. The Group is also adding to its expertise in the recycling sector and will be able to gradually prolong the life cycles of its products. "Taking this step makes recycling an integral part of our business model. At the same time, the acquisition consolidates our position as a pioneer of sustainability on the international market," said Manfred Stanek, CEO of Greiner Packaging and COO-elect of Greiner AG.

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    Greiner invests in Circular Economy Startup MATR

    Greiner Innoventures, the subsidiary of Greiner AG, supports young entrepreneurs as a corporate business angel with know-how, feedback and access to networks. Thus, the startup MATR, which started under the name Sleepify, has been accompanied since its foundation. Through the rebranding, the central corporate values of high quality, sustainability and innovation are to be brought into focus. The startup's goal is to enable hotels to offer their guests a premium sleep experience while easily reducing their environmental footprint. "Greiner's investment fits particularly well into the portfolio because a fundamental pillar of our sustainability strategy is the circular economy," emphasize Philipp Kranewitter and Stefanie Painsith from Greiner Innoventures, who have been advising the company as startup experts since its foundation.

    When buying a mattress, considerations on disposal or sustainability are rarely thought of, the focus is purely on comfort, quality and price. However, this is exactly where the problem lies because no mattress design and system has yet been developed in Austria that saves conventional mattresses from the incinerator or landfill at the end of their life cycle. With MATR, the founders Verena Judmayer and Michaela Stephen prove that a first-class sleeping experience does not necessarily have to come at the expense of the environment and develop the first all-in-one mattress solution for the hotel industry in line with the principles of the circular economy. This means not only recycling and reusing the material of the mattresses, but also extending the product life cycle as much as possible through maintenance and replacement of various components. "We founded MATR with the vision of eliminating mattress waste while making sleep a priority, becoming the leading provider of innovative, regenerative sleep experiences. By founding our limited liability company, partnering with Greiner and launching our new brand, we are turning our vision into reality one step at a time" said Verena Judmayer, Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Dream Officer of MATR.

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    Greiner AG expands Executive Board

    As of January 1, 2023 Manfred Stanek, previously CEO of the Greiner Packaging division, to become Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Greiner AG. Jürgen Kleinrath, previously joint interim CEO of the foam group NEVEON to-gether with Greiner AG’s CEO Axel Kühner, became its sole CEO as of 1 July.

    “We have laid important foundations for the future of Greiner,” said Axel Kühner (CEO of Greiner AG) at the announcement of changes in the management of Greiner AG and the foam group NEVEON today (Wednesday). Starting from January 1, 2023, Greiner AG will have a new, third Executive Board position. Manfred Stanek, the current CEO of Greiner Packaging, will become part of the Greiner AG Executive Board as Chief Operating Officer. In addition, Jürgen Kleinrath has been heading Greiner’s foam group NEVEON in the sole CEO role since July 1, 2022 already. Over the preceding three months, he had managed NEVEON jointly with Axel Kühner as co-CEO.

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    Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2022 finalist: self-separating cup K3 r100 highlights importance of sustainable packaging innovations

    With its K3® r100 design, Greiner Packaging has succeeded in developing a sustainable packaging solution whose cardboard wrap separates from the plastic cup all by itself en route to the recycling plant. This maximizes the product’s recyclability and shows what innovation in the packaging industry is all about. K3® r100 has earned Greiner Packaging a position among the finalists of the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe, which recognize achievements throughout the European plastics recycling industry.

    The Plastics Recycling Awards Europe are presented annually in recognition of outstanding achievements in the European plastics recycling industry. The awards put a spotlight on the latest developments in the use of recycled material, product design, and innovative manufacturing across Europe, bringing together key players from the plastics and recycling sectors. With K3® r100, Greiner Packaging has secured a place among the top finalists in the Product Technology Innovation of the Year 2022 category.

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    Greiner AG posts record turnover despite challenging conditions

    “Last year was challenging, but extremely successful: We generated record turnover of more than EUR 2.2 billion in a really turbulent global environment in which growth was far from guaranteed,” said Axel Kühner, CEO of Greiner AG, at today’s presentation of the 2021 annual report. “Rising inflation, problems in the supply chains, scarcity of resources, increased energy and delivery costs – we had our work cut out with all of this. Given the circumstances, our divisions pulled off an outstanding achievement. We applied our key strengths here, namely diversification, innovation, and globalization,” Kühner added.

    Hannes Moser, CFO of Greiner AG, stated: “We can look back on a particularly successful year: All four divisions exceeded their targets and grew across the board.” Greiner Packaging posted turnover of EUR 772 million, amounting to growth of 11.5 percent. The foam division NEVEON ended up with turnover of EUR 735 million. The 53.3 percent rise in turnover was partly attributable to the first-time full consolidation of Eurofoam. Turnover of the medical technology division Greiner Bio-One increased by 0.4 percent to EUR 695 million. Business was particularly boosted here by the strong demand for VACUETTE® Virus Stabilization Tubes and laboratory supplies triggered by the response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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    100% r-PET: Harvest Moon and Greiner Packaging create sustainable cup packaging

    German company Harvest Moon is dedicated to producing plant-based yogurt and milk alternatives that are good for both consumers and society. Its products, which are all certified organic, are made from ingredients that stand out by delivering both delicious flavor and a positive social impact – fair pay, decent working conditions, and great taste go hand in hand at Harvest Moon. Now the business is also taking a major step forward in terms of sustainable packaging, opting for cardboard-plastic combinations in which the cups are made of 100% r‑PET. These are produced by Greiner Packaging.

    Greiner Packaging’s stated aim is to keep plastic circulating in the economy for as long as possible. To this end, the packaging specialists look to work together with their customers to create new packaging solutions that can be recycled themselves and, ideally, contain recycled material, too. This was also the declared goal of Harvest Moon, and the plastic cups in the new cardboard-plastic solutions for its fermented yogurt alternatives are produced from 100% r-PET, making them super sustainable. No virgin material is used at all, and the new cups significantly cut down on carbon emissions. “By switching from virgin PP to r‑PET, we can reduce CO2 emissions by around 40%*,” explains Jan Srnka, sales manager at Greiner Packaging.

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    TRIGOS 2021: award received for sustainable school milk project

    The TRIGOS Awards are Austria’s most prestigious series of accolades for responsible business and were presented for the eighteenth time in 2021. The awards aim to stimulate corporate social responsibility and sustainable innovation in the Austrian economy, while also giving credit to companies that are actively helping to prepare our society for the future. Among these were Greiner Packaging, which received an award in the exemplary projects category for its Sustainably Packaged School Milk project, alongside all of its partners.

    100% r-PET – a closed recycling loop