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    Smurfit Kappa listed on FTSE4Good Index for sixth consecutive year

    Smurfit Kappa has once again been recognised by the FTSE4Good Index for its commitment to sustainability. The packaging leader’s strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices have secured its place on the list for the sixth year in a row.

    Created by the global index provider FTSE Russell, the FTSE4Good indices are used by a wide variety of market participants to create and assess responsible investment funds and other products.

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    Smurfit Kappa sees surge of interest in sustainable packaging solutions for fresh produce

    Smurfit Kappa has seen a marked increase in the number of companies seeking sustainable packaging alternatives for fresh fruit and vegetables.

    The packaging leader, which launched its Better Planet Packaging initiative last year, has been working on a portfolio of products designed to replace less sustainable packaging as many brands come under increasing pressure to become more sustainable. In a recent survey, 75% of consumers indicated a preference for paper-based packaging against less sustainable alternatives.

    Portuguese grape producer Pomares do Sol approached Smurfit Kappa with the intention of finding a solution that would meet its sustainability requirements, increase the profile of its brand and have the capacity to withstand the journey through a complex and demanding supply chain.

    Smurfit Kappa has a strong track record in creating packaging solutions for the agricultural sector including its award-winning SoFru pack for berries.

    Like SoFru pack, the new solution is an easy-to-assemble corrugated punnet on which high quality colour and graphics can be printed to attract consumer attention in the retail environment. It is fully recyclable, and designed to ensure that the condition and quality of the fruit remains in perfect condition from farm through to the consumer.

    Raul Andre, General Manager of Smurfit Kappa Celapack, commented: “This was the result of a collaborative process with Pomares do Sol during which we analysed all aspects of the supply chain and the product requirements.

    “Raising the profile of the brand was a key consideration and we also created a packaging solution that has a lifespan which matches the lifespan of the product inside which is very important.”

    Smurfit Kappa’s Better Planet Packaging initiative seeks to reduce packaging waste and ultimately address the challenges of waste and litter that ends up in oceans and landfill.

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    Smurfit Kappa's sustainable packaging innovation recognised in WorldStar Awards

    Smurfit Kappa has won three awards for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions at the 2019 WorldStar Awards.

    The first product was for a life-saving dialysis kit. ‘Not a Drop Wasted’ is a secure but easily opened pack with rounded corners to protect the 5-litre bags of dialysis solution inside.

    The second winning product was the stand-out ‘Cardboard Castle’ toy box for use in the eCommerce sector. The toy is shipped in an attractive box which can then be quickly turned into a castle creating an enhanced consumer experience.

    Smurfit Kappa picked up the third award for its ‘Packed like Sardines’ automotive pack which hides an easy-assembling insert inside and eliminates the need for plastic. The packaging leader has seen a growing number of customers seeking to substitute non-recyclable materials with sustainable alternatives from its Better Planet Packaging portfolio.

    Commenting about the win, Zdeněk Suchitra, CEO of Smurfit Kappa Czech Republic & Slovakia, said: “We are delighted and honoured to have been recognised in these prestigious awards.

    “We work with customers from many different sectors to come up with sustainable packaging that will deliver against a number of briefs. I’m proud of the talented and creative people behind these products.”

    Jan Kaprhál, Smurfit Kappa Innovation & Marketing Manager, added: “As a leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions we are committed to bringing both innovation and added value to our customers and their businesses.”

    The annual WorldStar awards are held by the World Packaging Organisation. This year’s awards attracted 319 entries from 34 countries.

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    Smurfit Kappa designs innovative eCommerce packaging for Latin American egg provider

    Smurfit Kappa has used its eSmart service to enable the leading Latin American egg provider to successfully enter the eCommerce channel.

    Granja Mantiqueira decided to launch a new ‘Egg Club’ through which consumers could order eggs online for home delivery in Brazil. Aware that packaging plays a critically important role for the eCommerce channel, especially for a product as fragile as eggs, the company tasked Smurfit Kappa to come up with a solution.

    The packaging leader tapped into the expertise and experience of its eSmart service to identify a packaging concept that would both protect the product and drive sales growth. An attractively designed pack was created to promote both the Egg Club and the Mantiquiera brand, alongside creating a positive consumer experience.

    Styled like a briefcase with handles for carrying, the packaging keeps the eggs fresh and secure throughout the supply chain. It is also attractive from a sustainability perspective because more packs can be shipped during transportation and it is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and renewable.

    Speaking about the innovative new product, Leandro Pinto, Founding Partner of the Mantiquiera Group, said: “We identified a big interest for this idea of receiving eggs at home, so we decided to offer an additional channel to consumers who are looking for a more practical solution for their daily lives.

    “Smurfit Kappa worked with us to come up with a sustainable packaging solution which delivered against a number of briefs including emphasising the premium quality of the eggs.”

    Manuel Alcalá, CEO of Smurfit Kappa Brazil, added: “The fragile nature of eggs was a key factor in this project. We took a data-driven approach and used our eSmart service tools to design a fit-for-purpose and attractive packaging solution.

    “We reviewed all aspect of Mantiquiera’s supply chain to ensure that all products were delivered in perfect condition with no damage or breakages. Made from paper-based packaging, the packs we created are optimised for the eCommerce sales channel, meeting the needs of customers looking for a faster and more efficient delivery to their homes.”

    Smurfit Kappa’s eSmart service is helping a growing number of companies to drive business growth through innovative packaging concepts.

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    Smurfit Kappa invests in its Roermond Paper Mill to meet growing demand for paper-based packaging

    Smurfit Kappa continues to extend its paper portfolio production capabilities by investing in its flagship paper mill in the Netherlands.

    The Roermond Paper Mill has made a series of upgrades to its Paper Machine 1 (PM1) during the last two years including rebuilding the winder, the press section, the drying section and the film press.

    The final enhancement, which was completed earlier this year, was to install a state-of-the-art shoe blade gap former, a rebuild of the approach flow system and an extension of the machine hall.

    On completion of the last phase, the 5-metre wide PM1 can now produce 85-135gsm recycled fluting and testliner at a rate of 1200 metres per minute.

    Speaking about the investment in the mill, Laurent Sellier, COO of Smurfit Kappa Paper Europe, said: “The investment in the Roermond Paper Mill has significantly strengthened its capabilities as a leading provider of lightweight recycled paper grades.

    “There has been a growing demand for paper-based packaging as a sustainable alternative to plastic and it is used widely in both the eCommerce and retail sectors.

    “Through our Better Planet Packaging initiative we're looking to extend our range of innovative, sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on the environment.”

    The Roermond Paper Mill is often held up as a shining example of sustainability. An integrated steam re-use system, which optimises energy usage throughout the mill, is one of the latest sustainability developments implemented.

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    Smurfit Kappa takes a step forward to further drive down emissions at Pitea Paper Mill

    Global packaging leader Smurfit Kappa is investing in a series of upgrades to its flagship kraftliner mill in Piteå, Sweden.

    The project will focus on increasing the sustainability and efficiency of both its cooking plant and recovery boiler. Other developments planned for the mill include the installation of high-spec purification filters and an advanced combustion system. The work will be carried out during a planned 15-day closure of the mill next month.

    Speaking about the ambitious new project, Per Sward, CEO of the Piteå Paper Mill, said: “This latest investment is a very positive step for the mill. The upgraded cooking plant and recovery boiler will unlock pulp production and pulp quality and help us to become even more efficient, which will benefit both our people and the wider community.”

    Laurent Sellier, COO of Smurfit Kappa Paper Europe, added: “This investment builds on our commitment to help create a sustainable future by building a profitable business based on responsible principles.

    “Sustainable innovation plays a vital role in ensuring that the communities surrounding our sites are part of our long-term vision.”

    The Piteå Paper Mill produces 700,000 tonnes of kraftliner annually which is the packaging material of choice for a growing number of brands seeking a sustainable alternative to plastic.

    Smurfit Kappa occupies the No. 1 position for kraftliner production in Europe.

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    Smurfit Kappa's innovative packaging recognised with 14 EFIA awards

    Smurfit Kappa has walked away with 14 awards at the European Flexographic Industry Innovation (EFIA) Awards, further consolidating its leadership in the packaging industry.

    Creative and innovative packaging solutions for brands including Cobra, Huggies and Schwartz resulted in Smurfit Kappa receiving four gold, four silver, two bronze, three highly commended and one special category award.

    Smurfit Kappa Technical Manager John Glancy was the proud winner of the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award for the huge knowledge and understanding of technical print that he has built up in 41 years at the Smurfit Kappa Tannochside Plant in Scotland.

    Commenting about the performance on the night, Clive Bowers, CEO of Smurfit Kappa UK, said: “These awards signify our ability to innovate and grow as a business. We are constantly striving to push the boundaries in print, design and sustainability.”

    Jason Peckham, UK Market Director added: “Listening to and fully understanding our customers’ requirements is at the heart of our business. Winning 14 awards reflects the dedication, talent and expertise of our team.”

    The EFIA awards, which took place at the Concorde Conference Centre, Manchester, celebrate technical innovation and creativity in flexographic printing.

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    Smurfit Kappa launches innovative premium DigiStar paper

    Smurfit Kappa has launched an innovative new range of premium papers that are suitable for both digital and flexographic printers.

    The DigiStar® paper was developed in response to a growing demand in the market for a multi-purpose premium solution delivering high quality printing results.

    Smurfit Kappa harnessed its expertise and experience in paper to develop a unique and sustainable solution that can maximise the capabilities of digital print and work hand-in-hand with both digital and flexographic printers.

    The new paper range brings a wealth of benefits to the packaging industry. By using one type of paper for multiple printers, the true benefit of digital is maximised, delivering high quality graphics combined with high flexibility. In addition, wastage is reduced and stock is easier to control. As well as digital printing, the paper is also suitable for both UV and water-based inks providing more choice for customers.

    Speaking about the new paper, Lars Henriksson, VP Product Development, Smurfit Kappa Paper Division said: “Digital printing is evolving strongly and our paper technology is developing at a similar pace. We created DigiStar® to respond to the need for a premium, multi-purpose paper and we are very excited about the potential that it holds.

    “Feedback has been very positive and we’re already working on additional types of paper to augment the range.”

    Demand for premium printed paper-based packaging as a sustainable alternative has grown and it is used widely in both the eCommerce and retail sectors.

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    Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box continues strong growth with new US facility

    Smurfit Kappa is continuing to extend its global Bag-in-Box® footprint by acquiring a new facility in Texas, US.

    The packaging leader has strengthened its Vitop® tap manufacturing capabilities with the acquisition of an injection facility in San Antonio. The Vitop® tap occupies the No. 1 position in the world for wine taps and has revolutionised the Bag-in-Box® system due to its tamper-proof design and extended shelf life.

    The new plant will play an important part in the US market. Premium bag-in-box wines are a rapidly growing segment in the North America beverage sector. Smurfit Kappa has also seen increased demand for liquid packaging solutions for olive oil, water, fruit juice and motor oil.

    A series of investments will be made to equip the new 100,000 sq ft facility with additional technology to provide a number of Bag-in-Box® solutions including the new Delta tap for rigid packaging.

    “Acquiring this new US facility is an important milestone for Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box®,” said Didier Pontcharraud, CEO of [Smurfit Kappa] Vitop®.

    “The new plant will support the growth we’re seeing in both the wine and non-food markets in the Americas and will facilitate the development of state-of-the-art new dispensing technologies.”

    When up and running fully, the new plant will employ 70 employees. Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box® operates in 12 countries worldwide.

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    Smurfit Kappa combines sustainability and innovation to create revolutionary AgroPaperTM

    Smurfit Kappa continues to bring sustainable innovative solutions to the agricultural sector by launching its industry-leading AgroPaperTM.

    AgroPaperTM is a renewable and compostable paper designed to replace the plastic material that is used by many farmers and growers for ‘mulching’ when growing vegetables. Mulching refers to placing a material (mulch) on the ground to improve the soil around plants, prevent weeds growing and maintain the temperature of the land.