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    Smurfit Kappa launches Bag-in-Box packaging solution for hand sanitiser

    Smurfit Kappa’s Bag-in-Box packaging is perfectly suitable for sanitiser due to it being a hygienic, easy-to-use and flexible solution that is available in a range of sizes from 1.5 to 20 litres and is suitable both for end consumers or as a refill solution.

    Furthermore, Bag-in-Box’s high performance films have a high oxygen barrier to protect products from air and light so the hand sanitiser’s physical and chemical properties remain intact. The packaging also brings a number of environmental benefits including the ability to optimise the supply chain and reduced weight and plastic in comparison to other traditional packaging. For instance, a 5L Bag-in-Box pack uses 54% less plastic than to a 5L PET bottle.

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    Smurfit Kappa replaces EPS frozen food packaging with sustainable paper-based alternative

    Smurfit Kappa has launched an innovative and sustainable new pack which keeps frozen and chilled foods fresh throughout the supply chain.

    Made from a 100% paper-based combination of Hexacomb and corrugated, the Thermo Box keeps frozen food including fish at temperatures similar to expanded polystyrene (EPS) boxes.

    Smurfit Kappa was approached by Patani Global Food B.V., a global supplier of fresh and frozen foods including vegetables, meat and fish and non-food products for the catering industry. Patani Global Food B.V. ships goods from Amsterdam to worldwide locations including to the Antilles Islands in the Caribbean using EPS boxes. However, a rise in the amount of litter that was washing up on the idyllic beaches in the region had led to a future ban on plastic waste so the company wanted an alternative solution that would not harm the environment.

    While the majority of existing temperature-controlled food packaging solutions depend on using EPS due to its insulation properties, Smurfit Kappa’s new Thermo Box is 100% recyclable. The pack also offers greater flexibility than EPS as it can be stored flat therefore reducing warehouse costs, different sizes can be easily created and the corrugated exterior offers good branding opportunities.

    The product is the latest addition to Smurfit Kappa’s Better Planet Packaging portfolio of products, many of which are popular substitutions for single-use plastic. Launched in 2018, Smurfit Kappa’s Better Planet Packaging initiative seeks to reduce packaging waste through design, research and development and industry expertise.

    Patrick Oostveen, Managing Director at Patani Global Food B.V. said: “Smurfit Kappa undertook an analysis of our supply chain to grasp all the challenges and complexities. We did a series of temperature tests to compare the new pack with the EPS box and the results showed that the Thermo Box is a really excellent product that more than fits the brief. The average temperature was even kept lower for a longer time than when using the EPS boxes.”

    Arco Berkenbosch, Smurfit Kappa VP of Innovation & Development, added: "This project was the result of a successful collaborative process between Smurfit Kappa and Patani Global Food B.V. Our starting point, as always, was to see how we could provide a completely biodegradable product that would not compromise on any of the required functionality.

    “The paper-based Better Planet Packaging solution we came up with draws strength from its corrugated and honeycomb capabilities and offers significant potential for both fresh and frozen goods and, indeed, the eCommerce sector.”

    The Thermo Box is currently available in a range of countries across Europe.

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    Smurfit Kappa launches innovative new Vitop Blue tap for Bag-in-Box cleaning products

    The new Vitop® Blue tap got off to a flying start by first being used for Bag-in-Box hand sanitiser packaging – one of the most sought-after products during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Although more testing will be undertaken to ensure compatibility with a wide range of hand sanitizers and other cleaning products, the Bag-in-Box packaging is a promising solution due to its variety of sizes and flexibility to be used either by the end-consumer or as a refill solution.

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    Smurfit Kappa launches portfolio of corrugated solutions to help communities affected by Covid-19

    Smurfit Kappa has launched a new ‘Design for Help’ portfolio of products to help alleviate some of the current challenges being experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    A team of Smurfit Kappa designers used equal measures of creativity and skill to quickly produce a practical set of products. The first products that made their debut in a Smurfit Kappa plant in France were corrugated workplace dividers. These were used to protect people who work closely alongside each other so they can maintain a safe distance while carrying out their jobs.

    The simplicity and effectiveness of the dividers has led to them being sought after for use in many other locations and workplaces including a designated emergency area within the Hospital Complex of Navarra in Spain where they are used to separate patients’ beds for hygiene and privacy.

    Other products in Smurfit Kappa’s ‘Design for Help’ portfolio include:

    • Corrugated beds for temporary hospitals and isolation spaces
    • A range of protective face masks
    • Temporary furniture including shelves and tables

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    Smurfit Kappa's strength in sustainability leads to success at Nestle supplier awards

    Smurfit Kappa has been recognised as a valued sustainable solutions partner at this year’s Nestlé Supplier awards.

    The packaging leader, which has a strong track record in creating innovative and sustainable solutions, won a total of five awards including the prestigious ‘Best Sustainable Supplier’ award, an ‘Outstanding Individual’ award and three other individual awards for stand-out service.

    Smurfit Kappa UK’s collaboration with Nestlé has focused on creating innovative packaging solutions which reduce carbon footprint when integrated into the supply chain.

    The award acknowledges improvements such as removing the need for plastic wrapping on Nestlé UK’s Azera Nitro Col Brew Coffee product. Smurfit Kappa designed a 100% recyclable shelf-ready pack which protects the product while also increasing the available print area to showcase the brand. The new solution will remove an estimated 26,000m2 of plastic shrink wrap from the supply chain in the first year, an area almost as big as four football pitches.

    Since the launch of its Better Planet Packaging initiative in 2018, Smurfit Kappa has committed to using its expertise in recycling, paper, design and packaging to develop sustainable solutions which reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

    On receiving the award for Outstanding Individual, Michelle McClements, UK National Accounts Director at Smurfit Kappa UK, said: “I’m delighted to get this award after what has been a very successful collaborative process with Nestlé. Through this partnership we have overcome many complex packaging challenges.

    “Packaging plays an invaluable role in guarding against waste alongside bringing a range of other customer benefits like brand identity and supply chain optimisation.”

    The Nestlé supplier awards highlight the role of customer account managers in creating successful partnerships by presenting Individual Supplier Awards for excellent customer service.

    Nestlé and Smurfit Kappa have built a strong strategic partnership over the years with nine sites in the UK providing packaging solutions for Nestlé.

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    Smurfit Kappa launches a new tap for concentrated drinks in Bag-in-Box

    Smurfit Kappa, leader in Bag-in-Box® packaging solutions has entered the soft-drinks market with its new QuickConnect Vitop (QVC) tap.

    Specifically developed with the industry in mind, the QuickConnect Vitop tap has been designed to fit existing soft drink and wine dispensers that are widely used in fast food chains and restaurants to serve drinks by the glass.

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    Smurfit Kappa's new TopClip product is launched by leading beer brewer Royal Grolsch

    Smurfit Kappa’s sustainable TopClip solution will be launched on the market by leading beer brewer Royal Grolsch as a paper-based replacement for the plastic shrink wrap currently used on their can multi-packs.

    Grolsch is part of the Asahi global food and beverage giant which owns a wide portfolio of brands including Peroni, Asahi beer, Mountain Dew and Schweppes tonic water. The TopClip product appealed to Grolsch as it eliminates the need for single-use plastic and is 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

    By replacing all the shrink wrap with the sustainable TopClip product in the Netherlands, Grolsch will remove 100,000kg of plastic annually which is equivalent to more than 4 million plastic bags. The change is part of Grolsch’s goal to become a zero-waste brewery.

    TopClip delivers on both sustainability and functionality as the solution fully covers the top of can multi-packs, protecting them from contamination and providing excellent consumer handling and branding opportunities.

    Speaking about the collaboration, Joost Nawijn, Packaging Development Specialist at Grolsch, said: “In close cooperation with Smurfit Kappa, the inventors of the TopClip packaging, we are looking forward to marketing this sustainable packaging solution.

    “An independent Life Cycle Analysis has shown that replacing the current plastic shrink wrap around the cans with the new TopClip packaging ensures a CO2 reduction of 36% compared to new plastic shrink wrap and 16% compared to recycled plastic shrink wrap. The total so-called eco costs are even halved. The combination of the sustainable character, the high-quality appearance and the ease of use made Grolsch choose this solution."

    Arco Berkenbosch, Smurfit Kappa VP of Innovation & Development, added: “We can't wait to see this breakthrough solution in the hands of the consumers. TopClip has generated significant interest since we launched it at Smurfit Kappa’s global Better Planet Packaging Day last November.

    “The alignment between Grolsch’s goal of becoming a zero waste brewery and our Better Planet Packaging initiative reinforces the fact that Grolsch is the ideal partner to be the first on the market with this solution. We are delighted to support Grolsch in launching their revolutionary multipacks and look forward to facilitating the eventual conversion of all multi-packs from shrink wrap to TopClip.”

    Smurfit Kappa’s TopClip product will make its debut this month in a selection of supermarkets in the Netherlands.

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    Smurfit Kappa invests in expansion of its paper sack business in the Americas

    Smurfit Kappa has announced its strategy to expand its paper sack business in the Americas in a $36 million investment.

    As part of the investment, a new cutting-edge Windmöller production line that will increase the company’s sack production by 100 million additional units per year will begin operating in 2021 in Palmira, Colombia. A similar project at Smurfit Kappa’s paper sack plant in the Dominican Republic was recently successfully undertaken.

    An extensive upgrade to the paper machine that produces the sack paper will also be made. The investment will increase the speed of the machine and enhance the quality of its multi-sheet paper sacks.

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    Smurfit Kappa continues sustainable innovation by adding new Vitop tap to its Bag-in-Box range

    Smurfit Kappa has introduced an innovative new Vitop® tap to its Bag-in-Box range as part of its ongoing sustainability activity.

    The Natural Vitop® tap does not contain any carbon black pigment which is classified as an unwanted component by many recycling facilities due to the fact that it is not always detected by the optical sorting near-infrared (NIR) scanners used. The new tap has a translucent body which is more likely to be recycled.

    Didier Pontcharraud, CEO of Smurfit Kappa Vitop®, said: “We are always looking at how we can make Vitop® taps more sustainable and introducing a product that is easier to recycle is a strong first step.

    “In countries where flexible packaging is widely collected, sorted and recycled, the Natural Vitop® increases the probability that our bags are correctly sorted and recycled.”

    Thierry Minaud, CEO of Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box, added: “Our priority is to minimise our impact on the environment throughout every aspect of our operations; from supply to manufacturing to distribution and recycling.

    “Our Bag-in-Box packaging uses fewer raw materials and streamlines transport leading to reduced CO2 emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.”

    The introduction of the Vitop® tap has revolutionised Bag-in-Box packaging due to its tamper-proof design and high oxygen barrier which significantly increases shelf life. Over 4 billion Vitop® taps have been produced since 1989.

    Smurfit Kappa provides a complete Bag-in-Box packaging system with films, accessories, bags, taps and filling lines.

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    Smurfit Kappa supports prestigious international wine contest

    Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box has supported the prestigious wine contest since it began in 2015 when a strategic partnership was born. The innovative concept of this contest has proved to be a real success as it has become a benchmark for consumers from all over the world, bringing together over 100 producers from different countries.

    The event involves a thorough blind wine tasting by a panel of professionals and amateurs with only the best receiving the unique “Best Wine in Box” gold award label. Last year, the event attracted professionals from 12 different countries and nearly 350 wines were tasted in total.