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    SIGs CO2-reduced carton pack now used for Milsani UHT milk range

    In Spain, ALDI – one of the main discounters in Europe – has chosen the combibloc EcoPlus 1.000ml aseptic carton pack from SIG as a sustainable packaging solution for its Milsani long life milk range, reducing CO2 by up to 28% compared to using a conventional 1-litre SIG carton pack of the same format.

    The CO2 saving of up to 28 per cent is due to the material composition. The main component of combibloc EcoPlus is 82% unprocessed paperboard, which is made from the renewable and entirely bio-based FSCTM-certified raw material wood and gives the carton stability. A ultra-thin polyamide layer serves as a barrier to protect the product from flavour loss and external odours. Added to the aluminium-free combibloc EcoPlus carton pack are fine polyethylene layers, inside and out. The inner layer forms a liquid barrier for the product while the outer layer keeps moisture out.

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    KITUS Super Creamer brings healthy holidays home with seasonal flavors in SIGs combidome packaging

    As the leaves change colors and the sweaters are brought out from the back of the closets, similar familiar sights appear signifying the start to the holiday season. With this, seasonal flavors and treats are also abound to spread the cheer. The Super brand from KITU brings the spirit home with the launch of its seasonal line of creamers packaged in the combidome carton from SIG, all to create positive energy in maximizing full potential.

    Making healthy holidays possible

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    Bluestone Lane launches its first premium Australian iced coffee for retail in SIGs combismile packaging

    This August, Bluestone Lane announces it will release its first ready-to-drink iced coffee beverage in SIG’s fully recyclable combismile packaging. The “Australian Iced Coffee” will be available in two SKUs – with Oat Milk and with Organic Milk. Crafted with Bluestone Lane’s premium coffee and either Elmhurst 1925 Milked Oats or organic whole milk, Australian Iced Coffee offers a better-for-you alternative to traditional ready-to-drink coffee beverages.

    Created with the millennial consumer in mind, the non-GMO drinks are resealable and shelf-stable, and complement both SIG and Bluestone Lane’s commitment to responsible products. Only paper board made of pulp from FSCTM-certified (Forest Stewardship CouncilTM) and other controlled sources are used in the carton packs, each proudly displaying the FSC label.

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    For the first time ever, 100% grass-fed organic milk is now available in shelf-stable, single serve cartons. Maple Hill and SIG worked together to create innovation in a category that has been quiet far too long. Maple Hill’s 100% grass-fed organic whole milk and chocolate milk made with Fair Trade Cocoa are now available in eight-ounce combismile cartons from SIG.

    Celebrating 10 years as America’s original 100% grass-fed organic dairy, Maple Hill raises happy, healthy cows in stress-free environments on small family farms. The brand continues to develop new & exciting products, providing consumers additional ways to enjoy the healthiest, highest quality dairy on the market. The new eight-ounce cartons of Maple Hill milk provide a convenient, on-the-go option, in a shelf-stable package that does not need to be refrigerated until after it is opened.

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    Unilever's start-up brand B-Better launches water range in SIG Carton's Combidome bottle

    B-Better®, an innovative water start-up brand from Unilever’s Future Platform, is launching a range of on-trend water beverages in SIG’s unique combidome carton bottle, offering all the advantages of an aseptic carton pack and all the benefits of a bottle shape – a perfect fit for B-Better.

    SIG’s carton bottle, fully recyclable and mainly made from FSCTM-certified paper board, provides the best CO2-performance compared to other packaging solutions. And it gets even better: B-Better is the first company to use combidome with SIGNATURE packaging material, where the polymers are linked to wood-based renewable materials through mass balancing. Added to this is an ultra-thin aluminium foil certified to Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) standard – another world-first from SIG.

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    Worlds first ISO-conformant lifecycle assessment for mass balance products confirms environmental benefits of innovative SIGNATURE PACK from SIG

    The environmental benefits of SIGNATURE PACK from SIG have been confirmed by a critically reviewed ISO-conformant lifecycle assessment (LCA) – the world’s first for a mass balance product.

    The SIGNATURE PACK from SIG is the world’s first aseptic carton pack linked to 100% plant-based renewable materials. The LCA showed significant reductions in environmental impacts across all 10 categories as a result of the substitution of fossil-based polymers with mass balance plant-based polymers made from tall oil (a by-product of paper manufacturing).

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    combiLink - SIG's smart factory solution to unlock filling line potential

    Today’s food and beverage production demands a digital filling line solution that can deliver a highly accurate monitoring system for information management that may be remote but is always using real time data in order to optimise operations and improve productivity. SIG's answer to this is combiLink – a single and flexible information management solution for filling line operation.

    Food and beverage production is becoming more challenging, with filling plants facing higher demands, greater competition and ever shorter production cycles. All too often, manufacturers are faced with multiple reporting systems, outdated data, manual data collection and a lack of filling line insights.

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    Picnik butter coffee creamer effortlessly stirs in functionality with SIGs combidome carton pack

    Building on the ever-popular butter coffee trend, Picnik releases the first-to-market butter coffee creamer in the convenient combidome 750ml carton packs from SIG, soon to be available in the US.

    The first of its kind, the creamer is the newest addition to Picnik’s product line made with the highest-quality ingredients. A blend of grass-fed butter, whey protein sourced from New Zealand and Medium Chain Triglycerides (100% derived from coconuts) provide benefits of healthy fats and sustained energy without the usual crash that comes with a regular cup of coffee. Effortlessly mixing with hot or cold beverages, the creamer offers the same convenience as classic half-and-half and is reminiscent of the taste, but enhances the consumption experience even more with its versatility, transforming a wide array of drinks and recipes into functional, nutrient-rich creations.

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    SIG and Amcor push responsible aluminium sourcing further

    Following its responsibility approach entitled WAY BEYOND GOOD, SIG is committed to sourcing 100% of its direct materials from only certified sources. Working together with value chain partner Amcor, the partnership aims to assure that the aluminium foil supply chain is working towards the performance standard of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI). Amcor, a global leader in responsible packaging, is one of SIG's main suppliers for aluminium in Europe.

    A razor-thin aluminium layer is used in most of SIG’s carton packs to protect the food from light, oxygen and external odours.

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    DNP and SIG create joint venture in Japan

    Tokyo-based Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) and SIG have signed a joint venture agreement which will bring new value added carton packaging and filling technology solutions to the Japanese food and beverage industry. The 50-50 joint venture will be established as of April 1, 2018, under the name of DNP • SIG Combibloc Co., Ltd., located in Tokyo.

    The main focus of the partnership is to provide greater differentiation and added value in the field of carton packaging, technology and services for the food and beverages industry in Japan.