Company Info

masterbatches and additivesOOO "Gabriel hemie Russian" is a producer of masterbatches and additives used for thermoplastic polymers processing. The additives are widely used in molding and extrusion production.

The company product range:

  • Colour masterbatches: fluorescent, with special effects, with low shrinkage rating, transparent (transparent pigments), two-colored, etc.
  • Processing additives: antistatic, for PP transparentizing, to ease polymer processing, UV-stabilizer, antioxidant, laser, foaming agent and regulators, flame retardant, lubricant, antifog, etc.
  • Composite masterbatches different colour/ additives combinations.

According to customer requirements we can offer different material-carrier : PE, PP, PMMA, PS, ABS, SAN, PA, PET, PK, as well as universal carriers compatible with most thermoplastics.

We match colours by clients sample and according to catalogues Pantone, RAL.

We provide samples for testing.
Our products are certified on food approval.


Food Packaging

Cosmetics Brand Packaging

  (  )Drinks Packaging
25 years experience in this field has resulted in a multitude of mature products and possible solutions.

 Flexible Packaging
We offer a wide range of standard products which have been specially developed for this type of application.

 ,   Multi Layer Films and Sheets
Our products are food approved, economical and easy to process.

   Multi layer Bottles and Containers
Perfectly formulated colour masterbatches make for attractive and functional products.

Effect colours emphasise the tube's exclusivity.

   Cosmetic containers
International branded goods expect the highest levels of product quality and desirability.

Attractive designs require innovative raw materials of the highest quality.

  Bottles and closures
Visual and organoleptic properties, but also ease of production, determine success in the market.

Building & Agriculture

Home & Lifestyle

  Agricultural films
Numerous, commonly used standard solutions are supplemented by customer specific formulations.

     Polymer Foams and Flame Retardant Batches
of the highest thermo stability and continually optimised additive combinations.

All our colour and additive masterbatches comply with international pipe industry standards.

Maximum covering power achieved with minimal dosage. Exceptional dispersion and highest throughput rates.

,   Furniture and Garden
We measure solar radiation and can therefore give well founded dosage recommendations for UV stabilisers.

   Electrical and Electronic Equipment
Attractive housings are an unmistakable trademark.

Appealing colours convey freshness and attractiveness. All products are food safe as a matter of course.

  Sports and Leisure
Selecting the correct colours and additives guarantees the desired material properties, durability, functionality.