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The producer of packing materials, such as stretch films,adhersive tapes with a logo, packing adhersive tapes, has opportunity to offer you favorable prices for products.

Manual stretch films - for the most convenient packing of goods and loads in the manual way.

Machine stretch films - for packing a pallet in warehouses and productions by means of palletiser.

Stretch film"COMPACT"is applied to a wheel winding, when moving. In comparison with adhersive tapes it doesn't leave traces, easily is removed after transportation. Enlarges economy of expendables unlike adhersive tapes. Provides high level of durability of goods, packing. Ideally protects from mechanical damages. It can be delivered in mini-rollers.

Adhersive tapes with a logo - increase informational content in a warehouse, protect a load from unauthorized opening, and as image advertizing of your company.