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Glue Application Systems and Glue for printing industry and packaging

 Henkel    MasterKley is the biggest specialized distributor of Henkel glues for a printing industry and packaging. There are cold glues, hotmelt (including polyurethane) glues, cleaners and Henkel UV varnish, Loctite technologies in big choice of goods. MasterKley is qualify, safe and efficient partner. The company is the certified distributor of Henkel. Company emploees are trained in Russia and Germany as well, and also have certificates.

MasterKley offers Henkel Glues

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  Baumer hhs MasterKley presents the biggest produser of gluing application systems Baumer hhs in Russia. For more than 20 years Baumer hhs has become well-known for its ability to analyze a need and apply its experience and knowledge base to arrive at a well-targeted, safe and quick solution for mechanical adhesion challenges. MasterKley is the distributor of Baumer hhs products in Russia. MasterKley provides.

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