Company Info

The firm "Osnova" develops and produces equipment for filling and packaging, provides a manufacturer with compact semiautomatic installations.

These installations allow in conditions of small-scale productions and farms to prepack liquid and pasty products and to offer these products in a modern commodity form.

 Модернизированная установа УПЭСм для приготовления различных жидких пищевых и непищевых продуктов Начат выпуск модернизированных установок УУ-5Н для укупорки банок крышками «Твист Офф». Новая этикетировочная машина для нанесения самоклеящейся этикетки на цилиндрическую тару

Новая установка укупорки тары винтовыми пробками – УУ-3М новая установка по розливу средств бытовой химии с высоким уровнем автоматизации Новая модификация установки ДУЭТ-П позволяет разливать воду в ПЭТ бутылки от 0,25 до 5,0 л.

The combination of automation and manual skills provides high efficiency of the equipment and allows to operatively modify types and forms of packages, to change a product dosage as well as the product itself. Because of low-level cost of our equipment the acquisition expenses are justified during 1 - 2 months.

To orders of Customer the firm produces and delivers the complete sets of the equipment:

  • for filling and packaging liquid and pasty products;
  • for milk mini-plants;
  • for shops producing mayonnaise;
  • for areas of filling vegetable oil;
  • for areas of filling still beverages and juice;
  • for areas of packaging natural honey;
  • for shops making foods from concentrates and filling products of food, cosmetic, medical and technical application;
  • pumps, air engines, tanks, accessories from stainless steel and other components for shops and areas of firm "PROMBIOFIT".

"Osnova" executes orders for creation shops and production areas for prepackaging on "a turn-key basis", including:

  • technology development;
  • designing;
  • completing;
  • participation in mounting and start.

We present some of our developments which are successfully exploited at many firms of firms of Russia and abroad for a number of years for filling and packaging of the following products: milk, sour, cream, mayonnaise, mustard, honey, sauces, mild ice-cream, drinks, syrups, vegetable oil, shampoos, solvents, paints, technical oil, glues etc.