Company Info

Pechatny Express — Flexographia is the one of the largest companies working in producing of self-adhesive label and packaging in the Russian market.

The presence of our own diverse production bases allows to our customers to get the whole range of printing services from one source. To work with one company is always more productive and more profitable – it is a significant time and means economy, strict sticking to a style and technical requirements.

Pechatny Express — Flexographia typography specializes in manufacturing of self-adhesive labels, packaging and printed matter:

Self-adhesive label

Самоклеящаяся этикетка

Shrinkable label

Термоусадочная этикетка

In-Mould Label


Thermal label


Cardboard packaging

Flexible packaging

Гибкая упаковка

Blister packaging

Блистерная упаковка

Gift packaging

Подарочная упаковка

Promotional printing



Souvenir production

Сувенирная продукция



Pechatny Express — Flexographia typography specializes in manufacturing of self-adhesive labels for various branches of industry.

For each new order we select individually the type of materials and adhesives, varnish properties and primers and all types of necessary post-finishing types. In self-adhesive label manufacturing we use UV-inks – bright and resistant to external influences.

Label manufacturing in compliance with certain storage conditions, modes of transportation and also products usage according to industrial sector specific character is very important. Our typography is equipped with the latest technology.

Equipment of European leading manufacturers allows to produce self-adhesive labels with the combination of several printing types; such as UV-flexo printing and screen printing, printing with such sophisticated kinds of finishing as cold or hot foil stamping, inline and selective varnishing, lamination, congreve embossing and many more .

To ensure an order execution within the period all manufacturing operations are duplicated due to the presence of two or three identical equipment units for every stage of self-adhesive label producing.

Nowadays Pechatny Express – Flexographia is one of the leaders of a self-adhesive production market for such industry branches as: