Company Info

Delta-Pak LLC was established in May 1999. The company is engaged in the creation, production and implementation of packaging solutions based on rolled packaging materials and ready-made packages for the packaging of food products and goods for various purposes. The technical and technological capabilities of the company allow you to combine different materials, creating packaging solutions that are necessary for the customer, with optimal price parameters. The multi-faceted capabilities of the company are due to: modern technical equipment; innovative technologies; high professionalism of employees; a production system based on the principles of lean manufacturing. The optimal system of all the processes of the enterprise allows you to: select the optimal packaging solution for each client in terms of functional characteristics and price; provide our customers with timely deliveries of products made for them. We are focused on the continuous development and improvement of our technological and technical capabilities, as well as on the development of human potential, giving our employees the opportunity for professional and personal growth. Realizing its production potential, the company improves and develops the surrounding area-the region.We use easily processed films (FULL PE POUCH) of a closed life cycle, made from a single type of polymer, which makes the packaging more environmentally friendly. We will select the optimal packaging solution that preserves the product and emphasizes its advantages. We know everything about packaging! We will pack any product securely, brightly, and conveniently. We develop and use advanced technologies for the production of packaging materials and logistics solutions. We are open for cooperation 24/7. We will provide technical support and post-sale service. We conduct a socially responsible business, improving and developing the space around us.