Company Info

iPlast Ltd. is the biggest manufacturer of large-size industrial plastic containers and packaging in Russia.

The Company's total production area exceeds 20.000 sq. m. The number of employees is over 500 people. iPlast has a trade office and a warehouse in Moscow. The Company is aggressively developing a dealer network in Russia and the CIS to provide high quality service to its end consumers. One of the objectives of iPlast Ltd. is the development of a production site to meet the highest standards of technology and management of large-size packaging manufacture. Systematic implementation of new technologies and equipment is an important indicator of the Company's successful growth. iPlast Ltd. is developing and implementing an up-to-date ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Waste Bins

PLAST Ltd. produces a wide range of waste containers with capacity from 120 up to 1100 L. Our waste containers fully comply with DIN EN 840 European standard. Up-to-date European equipment is used for production of waste containers. All the containers are manufactured by injection molding. IPLAST Ltd waste containers are produced only from virgin HDPE. All these factors determine high strength and wide temperature operation range.

plastic pallets

Plastic pallets

As compared to their wooden and metallic similars, plastic pallets have the following undisputable advantages : they are hygienic, corrosion-proof, stackable, weather resistant and accident-free. Moreover plastic pallets have a longer life and are lighter.

PolyBox plastic foldable container

PolyBox plastic foldable container

The polymer container PolyBox is designed as a multifunctional solution for transporting different types of goods in the petrochemical and automotive industries, logistics and storage, trade and the food industry.
Pallet containers

iBox Pallet Containers

iBox polymeric containers are designed for packing, transportation and storage of different kinds of goods. The pallet containers are multiuse and time-proof. They are easily and quickly assembled and disassembled, thus saving up to 70% of total space when stored empty.
Industrial plastic boxes

Industrial Plastic Boxes

Wide dimensional range of the universal plastic containers provides effective logistics. Different sizes and design make it possible to use the plastic containers for storage and transportation of different products, semi-products and parts.

LogicStore Storage Trays

Logic Store boxes have been developed as a multipurpose integrated solution for storing small items, parts and components. Using Logic Store boxes allows you to reduce the number of mismatched parts and components and speed up the selection process considerably.

R/RL-KLT Plastic Boxes

KLT boxes are optimized for handling the items produced in accordance with European VDA 4500 standard for the automotive industry. Two models of KLT boxes are available: R-KLT with perforated bottom and RL-KLT with flat bottom.

Instore Nestable boxes

Thanks to nestable design in empty condition, new INSTORE crates are extremely convenient in stock or back transportation. They allow to save up to 70% of the initial space. INSTORE present a wonderful opportunity to organize the operations both in whole-sale and retail logistic systems. Special options allow stacking both with and without covers, thus making a stable set. INSTORE crates are suitable not only for automatic but also for hand operation.