Company Info

Georg Polimer JSC is a Russian manufacturer of PS and PP films for a food packaging production by thermoforming. In the beginning of 2008 we passed Danone` audit. Films are produced from high quality domestic and import raw materials on European standard base on the modern SML (Austria) extrusion lines.

  1. PS films for thermoforming
  2. PS films for thermoforming with a foam middle layer
  3. PP films for thermoforming

Our advantages:

  • Local manufacture in Moscow Region provides the simplified logistics and stable deliveries.
  • Offered an unique "Pull-System" guarantees stability of deliveries and allows you to minimize warehouse and administrative expenses.
  • Our company is aimed at constant improvement of service of our clients, revealing of their requirements and rendering of necessary support.
  • The film can be painted in any color and produced on individual compounding, proceeding on the customers` wishes, can have a glossy or matte surface.
  • Our films have all certificates necessary for the food-processing industry.

Tape types:

Three-layer PP and PS tapes with foam-middle layer

With the same weight of usual PS tape you will achieve savings of over 17% - up to 452 meters more tape from 1 ton. Savings in price: 8 - 10%.

Three-layer and four-layer (with a glossy layer) two-way colored tapes

Tricolor tapes with different colored layer thickness

Standard three- and four-layer tapes

Transparent three-layer tapes