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Hosokawa Alpine is a single source for blown film equipment, from pellet feeding to film winders, mono to 11-lyers. As a leading company operating worldwide in the field of blown film manufacture Hosokawa Alpine advises, develops and implements projects, from development testing through project engineering to turnkey installation and commissioning of the high quality systems.

Hosokawa Alpine’s testing center in Augsburg is equipped with the latest extrusion lines and a well-equipped test laboratory. The company offers a possibility to run trials under production conditions in the test center with rapid evaluation of the results in the test laboratory. For decades Hosokawa Alpine has been the technological leader in the fields of blown film and mono-axial orientation equipment due to continuously investment in leading-edge manufacturing technologies for the production of high-precision components for it’s equipment. The heart of Alpine film lines is the patented X-die. The innovative and compact design has the shortest times and fastest job changes in the industry. The patented TRIO system finally makes machine direction orientation a cost effective option for enhancing film properties.

Blown film lines for co-extruded film of up to eleven layers

Hosokawa Alpine blown film lines set new standards in film production. Our systems are currently the most advanced on the market in terms of innovation and technology. The lines are characterized in particular by their flexible, economical and reliable operation. As a result you can achieve the required quality and profit from the necessary flexibility whenever required

1. Hosokawa Alpine Mono-blown film lines

Our mono-lines are equipped with barrier screws and process all current polyolefin-based materials such as HDPE, MDPE, LDPE. LLDPE, mLLDPE and PP. Processing of other types of raw material, e.g. bio plastics is also no trouble at all.

2. Blown film lines for co-extrusion films of three to eleven layers. The Hosokawa Alpine 7, 9 and 11 layer co-extrusion lines enable you to meet the continuously growing demands of the market for high barrier films incl. PA, EVA, EVOH and mLLDPE. The result is packaging items designed to meet specific criteria with improved tear characteristics, a longer shelf life, improved organoleptic properties and enhanced protection of the packed goods.

HosokawaAlpine’s HXS-Series of high-performance grooved extruders with smart-box technology are efficient and available in smooth bore and grooved feed design. The series includes 50, 65, 75, 90, 105, 120, 135 and 160 mm extruders and are all available as mono or multi-layer extruders. Alpine’s high-performance barrier screws include a variety of low or high shear designs, and can be matched customer’s application for ideal homogeneity and melt quality. Film take off systems are individually designed for specific applications. Oscillating haul off nips improve roll geometry while maintaining wrinkle free film. Oscillating nip systems can be mounted on revolving frames (AON); or suspended in a hanging design (AHN).

MDO film orientation lines with TRIO (Trim Reduction for Inline Orientation)

Hosokawa Alpine MDO (Machine Direction Orientation) mono-axial film orientation lines allow enhancement of selected film properties such as stiffness, shrinkage or tear resistance to suit specific applications. Oriented film has superior mechanical and optical properties. Barrier film orientation reduces its gas and vapor permeability.


Extensive series of trials in the Hosokawa Alpine testing center in Augsburg formed the basis for our patented blown film process. Film die heads of different sizes were tested with various raw materials with the same result: unparalleled film quality even at very high throughput rates and with the shortest purging times when changing programs. The breakthrough for the X series film die heads.
During the development of the new patented Hosokawa Alpine X film die head the most modern computer simulation models were used. The melt feeds into the spiral mandrel were optimized such that an extremely high flow and thermal homogeneity of the melt is achieved. As a result of the new melt distribution in the film die heads, the port lines on the film surface are eliminated during production of co-extrusion films. Films of outstanding quality from the optical properties to the film thickness profile with minimal tolerances result from this new series.
Your advantages at a glance:
  • very short changeover times between different materials as a result of the extremely short flow paths;
  • reduced waste as a result of short changeover times;
  • high output as a result of the low pressure level in the die head;
  • easy accessibility due to the compact construction with a low overall height;
  • all surfaces in contact with polymer are coated;
  • Plenty of space available for the internal cooling system IBC.
During the orientation process, the film necks-in in the transverse direction and consequently reduces in width. This neck-in results in a thickness profile in the transverse direction which is biconcave, the oriented film becomes increasingly thick from the center of the film towards the film edges. In order to achieve sufficient film flatness and thickness distribution to enable the film to be processed on downstream equipment wide edge trims were required.
In order to overcome these disadvantages of orientation technology, Hosokawa Alpine has developed the patented TRIO system (Trim Reduction for Inline Orientation). Through the use of TRIO, the edge trim is markedly reduced, material is saved and the net output is increased. The efficiency of the entire process is enhanced. In comparison to MDO systems without TRIO the edge trim is reduced by approximately 50% with significantly improved film flatness.

For each application the appropriate film:

  • Agricultural films
  • Animal feed packaging
  • Carrier bags
  • Confectionery packaging
  • Construction films
  • Deep frozen products
  • Dustbin bags
  • Film packaging for meat and poultry
  • Fresh produce packaging
  • Fruit and vegetable bags
  • Garment bag film
  • Goods bags
  • Heavy duty sacks
  • Household bags
  • Ice bags
  • Industrial films
  • Lamination films
  • Medical films
  • Nappy linings
  • Newspaper film
  • Packaging for baked goods
  • Packaging for dairy products
  • Pressed packaging
  • Refuse sacks
  • Secondary packaging
  • Shipping envelopes
  • Shrink hoods