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NOVAROLL: packaging materials adhesive tapes, printed adhesive tapes

Today many of the logistics tasks, such as transportation and storage, cannot be performed without using packaging materials:

  • Packaging adhesive tapes, used for sealing corrugated boxes;
  • Printed adhesive tapes, helping to solve many marketing and logistics questions;
  • Stretch film used for winding various goods;
  • Different kinds of food films used for food storage;
  • Different kinds of plastic bags made of high density and low density polyethylene;
  • Strapping band used for winding heavy loads;
  • Differents kinds of tapes for special purposes: double-sided adhesive tape, metallized adhesive tape, masking tape, electric tape, etc.

Practically all kinds of goods need constant protection, and it is packaging material that can provide this protection.


  1.  Adhesive packing tapes
  2. Printed adhesive tapes
  3. Special adhesive tapes
  4. Stretch film
  5. Food film
  6. Plastic bags
  7. Strapping bands