Company Info

Russian-Dutch holding company specializes at producing of high quality printed packaging with rotogravure printing method (intaglio printing).

Zwart has modern and technically well-equipped business units and works with consumers, including number of major players in the food industry, which use roll materials.

Zwart provides tea and coffee market for high-quality packaging for tea and coffee, using the rotogravure printing process and various types of processing and finishing materials used.

Used in the production as a single-layer (paper or polymer film) and any combination of laminated materials. In addition Zwart produces plastic packaging for other food industry (confectionery, beverages).

Major clients Zwart:

  • UNILEVER (tea packaging, tea labels)
  • Drie Mollen (tea, coffee packaging)
  • SARA LEE - Douwe Egberts (tea, coffee packaging)
  • Kraft Foods (coffee packaging)
  • Teekanne (tea packaging, tea labels)
  • Ahmad (tea packaging, tea labels)

Printing presses are equipped with the necessary devices for high-quality printing of tea and coffee packaging and suitable for both the paper and the films. We are achieving cost-effective, but high-grade product (which is why we only use gravure). Regardless of volumes.

Our high degree of internal flexibility enables our staff to process orders rapidly using many different combinations of printing cylinders and machines.

Our policy allows us to act as a lever of development your organization: responding to short time-to-market and short packaging lifecycles.

This results in even short gravure runs comparing favourably with other solutions in terms of cost, while you get the best quality.

This makes Zwart a pioneer in the field.