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iXAPACK GLOBAL is a French family owned manufacturer specialized in the design, conception and manufacture of cutting, packaging and conditioning machines.

For more than 45 years, iXAPACK GLOBAL has been guiding the major food and cosmetic manufacturers in their development and improvement of their production. From the conception of your equipment in our R&D department, its manufacturing, assembly in our workshops to its commissioning in your facilities, iXAPACK GLOBAL is completely autonomous for the development of your production solution. We also provide the training of your staff as well as installation monitoring with our worldwide after-sales service.

As we always thrive to bring on new innovation, we have developed 3 ranges of reliable, flexible and ergonomic products to increase your productivity:
Cutting Range SELVEX:
- Dividing machine, Portioning Machine, Cutting Module, to allow a fast and ultrasonic cut of cheese and other type of products
Wrapping Range AU COUTURIER:
- Flow Wrapping and X-Folding Machine to wrap your products in single or grouped units
Packaging range IXAPACK PACKAGING:
- Cartoning, Case Packing, Overpacking and Palettizing solutions for your end of lines.

Industrial Food Slicer - Block Cutter - Selvex

Loin Cutting

The SELVEX slicer is designed to cut wheels in loins. These loins may afterwards be driven towards a Portioning Machine to be cut in slices or blocks. The Slicer exists in automatic version, equipped with Brushless motors for greater flexibility, or in semi-automatic version with manual loading and unloading of the wheels. The SELVEX Industrial Food Slicer is suitable for high pressure cleaning to be compliant with the highly regulated environment of the food industry.

Benefits & advantages:
  • Multi-format capability
  • Possibility of stacking loins after cutting (in automatic version)
  • Push wheel to go through the blade with tongs for a positive displacement of the wheel
  • Possible high-pressure cleaning

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Portioning Machine - Selvex

The SPM SELVEX Portioning machine is designed for the Ultrasonic blade cutting of blocks in slices or in smaller blocks for the cheese, pastry, confectionery, meats industries. Associated with a weighing device and a product shape modeling device, the Portioning Machine is suitable for fixed weight cutting. Equipped with a cutting head, the Portioning Machine can reach production speeds up to 120 cuts per minute.

For the Portioning Machine, SELVEX worked to design the equipment to meet the industry highest standards, both by its technology (Ultrasonic blade set, Brushless motors, Laser measuring cells, remote maintenance modem) and by the compliance with the hygiene regulations, its cleanability, ergonomics and operators safety.
Benefits & advantages:
  • Stacking of slices: upright, staggered or zig-zag
  • Stacks reassembling
  • Disposal of heels and first slices via standard conveyor lift
  • High-pressure cleaning possible

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Ultrasonic Cutting Machine - Selvex

The SELVEX rounded tray dividing machine is an equipment developed for ultrasonic cutting of round cheese into angular portions. Equipped with one or two cutting heads, the dividing machine can reach up to 80 cycles per minute (depending on the product).

Several types of cutting are supported by the dividing machine:
Fixed weight cutting: determined by weight or modelling stations (3D ou X-ray). Fixed weight cutting meets the European TU1/TU2 standards
Variable weight cutting: meets a set cutting angle
Calculable variable weight cutting: weight definition with distribution of the any drop based on all portions, while meeting the standards European TU1/TU2.
Benefits & advantages:
  • Cutting a variety of formats without changing tools
  • Dividing machine equipped with rounded trays (trays on which products are cut) composed of a special coating that supports repeated cuts from blades without corrupting them.
  • Display of statistics, instructions and defects, format setting and memorization via 15-inch color touch screen,
  • High-pressure cleaning possible

Flow Wrapper Automatic - Aucouturier

Horizontal tubular wrapping machine

Bagger with 3 seals film
The Flow Wrapper AF300 bagger wrapp your products with a film with 3 seals (one longitudinal and two transversals). The AUCOUTURIER bagger can reach, according to your products settings, a production speed up to 300 flowpack bags per minute. The Flow Wrapper bagger can be delivered with a robotic loading module to increase your production speed.
Benefits & advantages:
  • Clear display of instructions and defects, format settings and memorization of the different formats via touch screen
  • Double offset cleat chains
  • Quick format change
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy access to the control system
  • Robust design suited for the harshest environments
  • Promotes waste disposal

X-Folding Machine - Automatic Wrapping Machine - Aucouturier

Film Wrapping with X-folds

The range of AX50 wrapping machine is specifically designed for X-fold film wrapping of products at slow or medium speed (from 30-35 packets/min) in the sectors of the biscuits and waffle industry, hygienic products or others. The AX50 wrapping machine is able to wrap products by units or in groups, or laid flat or stacked. The feeding can be done manually or automatic depending on your needs.
Benefits & advantages:
  • Perpendicular infeed belt for the AX50.34 and inline radial bar chain for the AX50.78
  • Separation and introduction of product to wrap by pusher
  • Positive unwinding of the material by mechanical pliers
  • Simple or double fold longitudinal sealing

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ICP Automatic Case Packer - iXAPACK PACKAGING

Case Packing of all your products

iXAPACK PACKAGING has developped a brand new Case Packer designed to shape carton packaging from laid flat blanks, automatically introduce products thanks to one, two or three tripod robots and close the case that can be wrap type, display, 4 glued corners,
The iXAPACK PACKAGING Case Packer, with its 3 robots, can reach a production speed of 25 cases per minute.
To facilitate the operators work and also reduce the downtimes between two productions, formats changeovers are fully automatised. Only the robots grippers should be change manually but without tools.
The iXAPACK PACKAGING automatic case packer also provides you the possibility to mix the products loading: various tastes, shapes or containers in only one single case.
Benefits & advantages:
  • The Case Packer is completely equipped with Brushless motors for rapid and automatic format changes
  • It offers maximum ergonomics due to large accordion door allowing full access inside the machine to facilitate maintenance and cleaning.
  • It is equipped with a fully accessible blanks store, for low stress manual loading for the operators.
  • Its frame is completely closed on the top to limit dust and especially to minimize noise impacts.

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Cartoning Machine - iXAPACK PACKAGING

Top Load cartoning

iXAPACK PACKAGING has developed a brand new range of sleeving machine which answer to the quality standards of industrials. The new Top Load Cartoner has been developed according to four criteria essential to competitiveness: flexibility, speed, ergonomics and design.
The Top Load Cartoner allows you to form carton packaging from flat blanks, automatically introduce products with the aid of one or several (up to five) tripod robots and to close the case which can be of type Wrap, four glued corners or display. It can reach speeds up to 70 cases/minute depending on the product.
Benefits & advantages:
  • For maximum productivity, the Top Load cartoner is entirely equipped with Brushless motors, which allows for rapid and totally automatic format changes
  • It offers maximum ergonomics due to large folding doors allowing total access to the machine interior for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • It is equipped with a fully accessible blanks store, for low stress manual loading for the operators.
  • It allows for better conductivity, due notably to a 15-inch colour touch screen fully integrated to the frame.
  • Its design is modern and attractive.
  • Its frame is completely closed on the top to limit dust and especially to minimize noise impacts.

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Horizontal Cartoning Machine - iXAPACK Packaging

Horizontal Cartoning Machine

With iXAPACK PACKAGING designing and manufacturing, this Cartoner shapes cartons from pre-glued blanks, automatically introduces the products (bags, trays,) by pushing or by drawer and closes the carton.
The pusher side cartoner introduces the products (trays type) in the carton thanks to a pusher that serves as a guide ; whereas the drawers side cartoner, the product (bags type) is introduced in the carton thanks to the drawer insertion in it.
The iXAPACK PACKAGING cartoner allows putting your products with a production speed up to 220 cartons per minute. The horizontal cartoner also provides easy, quick and fully automatic changeover of formats. Only the cartons mask changeover has to performed manually but without tools.
Benefits & advantage:
  • Easy to use: Human-Machine interface via 12-inch colour touch screen
  • Discharge spout of recovery for defective products
  • Automatic format change
  • Carton support replacement without the use of tools
  • Scalable Machine: creation of new formats via desk panel
  • Blanks picking with three-armed rotary device
  • Positively driven

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Overpacking Machine - iXAPACK PACKAGING

Sheathing with top collage layout

The Top Load Sleever, iXAPACK PACKAGING, allows the placing of a product or a batch of products continuously on a sleeve, with gluing from above.
The Top Load Sleever provides the opportunity to overpack various types of products: trays, cans, yogurts, cups
These products can be supported thanks to a simple and quick changeover of tooling on the Delta robot.
Products can be detected either by sensors or by vision devices that also enable quality control.
Benefits & advantages:
  • Easy to use: Human-machine interface via 12-inch colour touch screen
  • Total access throughout the machine through sliding doors
  • Store of large capacity, horizontal blanks
  • Scalable Machine: creation of new formats via desk panel
  • Automatic format change
  • Superimposition of products by robots
  • Product detection by cell or vision system that can also be used for quality control of products
  • Possibility of sampling at the of the end of machine
  • Non-captive machine: 90% of material used comes from retail parts

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Automatic Palletizer - Palletizing - iXAPACK PACKAGING

Palletizing several lines at the same time

iXAPACK PACKAGING design and manufacture, this unit ensures the automatic palletization of cases or burdens in either columnar or crossed pallets. This compact and flexible module allows the automatic palletization of one or several lines at the same time (up to 5 lines).
According to the production speed, the products placing on the pallet(s) can be performed by unit, row or layer picking.
The interlayers or pallets picking and placing functions can be either carried out by the picking tool or by peripheral device.
Types of products :
  • Cases
  • Burdens
  • Buckets
  • Bags
Benefits & Advantages:
  • Taking to layer, to row and to case
  • Automatic management of format changes
  • Flexibility in layer format
  • Management of interlayers and pallets
  • Flexible preparation table
  • Possibility to incorporate a stretch-wrapper
  • Possibility to centralize the evacuation of pallets

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Complete Packaging Line

Complete Packaging Line

iXAPACK GLOBAL designs and develops complete packaging lines for all your products (pouches, yogurts). From primary packaging to secondary packaging, we are able to meet all your needs. Choosing iXAPACK GLOBAL complete lines is also:
  • Getting secured and ergonomic equipment for your teams
  • Increasing your productivity with reliable equipment
  • Ensuring expertise at all stages
  • Having one single intermediary for all your equipment
  • Having one single operating mode across all your machines
iXAPACK GLOBAL offers you solid expertise at all stages to lead your project in the best conditions possible. Our in-house project and engineering team is available to advise you about machines and complete lines layouts.

Weighing Labelling Module - Selvex

Weighing, weight and price printing

The Weighing/Labelling Unit labells your products according to their weight. It is therefore possible to write the price per kilo or the weight of your products in addition to the legal information.
The Weighing/Labelling Unit is composed of a Checkweigher TG3-A and a Labeller HP printing/placing. Labels are printed on demand, at each passage of product on the weighing conveyor. They are then applied on your product with a suitable applicator.
Benefits & advantages:
  • Touch screen PC 15
  • Operators guide through intuitive menu
  • Intuitive presentation
  • Removable belts without tool
  • Simple and robust design
  • High reliability

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Checkweigher and Metal Detector Device - Selvex

Weight control and metal detection
The TG32-A SELVEX device combines precision and reliability of a TG3-A Checkweigher and the great sensitivity of metal detector. This SELVEX devices checks the weight and the presence of ferrous, not ferrous and stainless steel parts for all types of products.
With maximum precision, the Checkweigher and Metal Detector Device provides the possibility to feedback informationto your upstream process machine.
Benefits & advantages:
  • 15-inch PC touchscreen
  • Intuitive menu operator guide
  • Intuitive layout
  • Removable strips without tools
  • Simple and tough design
  • High reliability
  • 200 storable programs
  • Upstream and downstream synchronization
  • Several ejection types to respect of your products

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