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As a pioneer of the sleeve manufacturing in Russia Eximpack took the lead in sales, manufacturing, and providing turn-key solutions to the market.

In 2001 was created highly efficient production site in St-Petersburg. It is equipped with a complete set of machinery for the production of high quality shrink sleeves in rotogravure technology. We deliver our products throughout Russia and the CIS countries. Shrink sleeve is our core product. Our customers are both large multinational small local manufacturers in Russia and CIS countries. We are innovative and our R&D keeps finger on a pulse of worldwide trend. Our mission is to deliver our partners a comprehensive labeling solutions.We do that by using most of our experience, creativity and motivation of our team. Production site We are located in Saint-Petersburg. Our brand new production site consist of several divisions: Extrusion. We manufacture PVC shrink film. Printing. We have brand new high speed gravure printing presses up to 8 colors.Finishing. It’s equipped with high speed slitting machines, modern sleeve seaming machines, label-cutters, quality control machine and other equipment. Lab keeps permanent quality control of the label production process and performs input and output control. Our own repro-studio offers its creative solutions of shrink sleeve label, as well as adapts the customers’ designs. Since 2007, we annually confirm the compliance of our quality management system with the International Certificate ISO 9001:2008; since 2012, we are certified in Safety Food Packaging Standard BRC IoP v.04.


Shrink sleeve labels

Термоусадочная этикетка Термоусадочная этикетка

Термоусадочная этикетка

We supply the shrink sleeve labels with high quality gravure printing for decorating wide range of containers - bottles, cups, cans, containers, etc.
The gravure method of printing on rotogravure presses provide photographic quality of the image. The brightness and intensity of colors give it a special advantage over flexographic or offset printing.

BOPP labels

Круговая термоусадочная этикетка Круговая термоусадочная этикетка

Круговая термоусадочная этикетка Круговая термоусадочная этикетка

We produce BOPP wrap-around labels for dairy, mineral water and soft drinks.
The wrap-around label can be printed on a transparent, white or metallized BOPP film, and applied mainly for cylindrical part of the bottle.
It is resistant to mechanical, chemical, and thermal effects while maintaining a high quality picture.

Shrink sleeve labels for cone cups

Термоусадочная этикетка на стаканчик

We offer shrink sleeve labels for plastic cups.
Shrink sleeve label on plastic cups with high-quality gravure printing really opens up huge opportunities to make outstanding decoration of the cup. It makes the cup eye-catching compared to similar cups on the shelf with traditional offset lithographic printing.

Polyolefin film

Полиолефиновая термоусадочная плёнка

We offer printed and unprinted shrink polyolefin film with printing for the packaging of food, dairy, confectionary products, household chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and others.


Групповая упаковка в термоусадочную пленку

Excellent possibility to use shrink sleeves for different promo’s.
Printed shrink film is attractive and eye-catching. It is used either to combine completely different, but functionally complementary items (such as shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste and toothbrush, etc) or you can create temporary brands dedicated to an event, and successfully use them in advertising campaigns

Shrink caps

Термоусадочные колпачки

Shrink caps is best solution for tamper protection of glass, PET and PE bottles with snapping, screw or other caps.
The caps may have a horizontal or vertical perforation for consumer’s convenience.

Seamless sleeve

Термоусадочный бесшовный рукав

We supply monochrome or ‘wood texture imitation’ seamless sleeves for decoration of garnishing and household products. We can produce shrink sleeves with colour printing of your logo and information about your company.

Easter labels

Термоусадочная этикетка для украшения пасхальных яиц

Special shrink sleeve label for Easter eggs decoration makes it possible to save your time in preparation for the holiday.
Simple shrink technology: just gently put previously hard-boiled egg with a plastic label on it into hot water, and within a few seconds the egg is dresses in holiday clothes.