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Integrated solutions for packaging sachets. Packaging machines and complete lines.
When we think of heat-sealed sachets on 4 sides, the classic sugar pouch used in restaurants and bars immediately comes to mind. This is OMAGs area of expertise, with countless sugar packaging machines distributed worldwide. In actual fact, sachets can be used for packaging a wide range of products: coffee, cappuccino, yeast, mayonnaise, ketchup, as well as pharmaceutical powders, tablets, shampoo and creams. We also package individual items in pouches, such as single doses of eyewash or screws.


The C3 is a continuous motion machine that allows for the packaging of heat-sealed sachets on four sides.

The C3 model is designed for packaging a broad range of products: solid, powdery, granular, liquid and pasty, and is employed in a variety of sectors.
This machine model is produced in versions with 1 to 15 lanes, working with rolls of up to 1200mm.


The CP is an intermittent motion vertical machine, for the packaging of heat-sealed sachets on four sides, with auto-aligning plates sealing group.

Packaging machine allows to maintain a perfect alignment of sealing plates thanks to an independent support system on each lane that guarantees the highest stability and pressure in time. It is possible to adjust plates pressure and temperature independently in each lane.
This machine model is produced to work with rolls of up to 900mm.This machine model is produced to work with rolls of up to 900mm.This machine model is produced to work with rolls of up to 900mm.
The CP model is designed for packaging a broad range of products: solid, powdery, granular, liquid and pasty, and is employed in a variety of sectors.


The Mod. CO 150 horizontal packaging machine uses intermittent motion to package a solid, powdery, granular, liquid and pasty products in heat-sealed bags on 3 and 4 sides, including in DOY-PACK and STAND-UP versions, for different pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and food sectors.

Evolution of sachet packaging film made ​​with heat-sealed on all 3 sides.
This stick-pack is in heat-sealed film on 3 sides, for packaging a variety of different products: sugar, coffee, cappuccino, 3 in 1, gels, liquids cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, creams, pastes and many other formats.
Countless stick-pack product packaging machines have been distributed all over the world.


Automatic and semi-automatic batcher units
Omag offers all its experience in the supply not only of packaging machines, but also of stand-alone batching systems to be combined with packaging solutions other than sachets and stick packs, like for example heat-formed trays, jars and containers in general, or fitted to benchtops to provide semi-automatic solutions for users needing to make small production runs or product samples.

Vertical continuous-motion machine for packing bags sealed on all 4 sides
For the packaging of bags and/or stick-packs in boxes and cartons, OMAG integrates its packaging machines with product counters, boxing and cartoning units, to create complete semi-automated or entire automated production lines.
Complete installations can thus be customized in a variety of configurations, whether in line or at 90 degrees, for the pharmaceutical, nutritional, cosmetics and food sectors like sugar or coffee.

Omag srl is engaged in the design and manufacture of pharmaceutical packaging machines.
OMAG machines are ideal for the packaging of powder and granular pharmaceuticals, but also for gels, creams and liquids.
With its great experience acquired over the years, OMAG is able to supply all pharmaceutical industry clients with a vast range of packaging machines for pharmaceuticals, featuring the most advanced technologies, and even with complete lines equipped with all the latest systems for batching, carton packaging and weight checking systems in compliance with the most rigorous URS requirements and GMP guidelines.

Tea and coffee packing in paper filters and double wrappings
OMAG makes machines for packaging coffee and round tea bags in paper filters and double wrappings, in packets heat-sealed on 4 sides and in stick-pack versions.
These can be completed with systems for flushing with inert gases, with the low percentages of oxygen residues requested by the sector's most famous and demanding producers.


On a daily basis, our machinery is used to process millions of packages in over 100 countries.
In nearly forty years in business, weve had the pleasure of collaborating with industry leaders in the food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, such as:

Omag is proud to have supplied a vast range of solutions throughout the world, from Italy to America, with the characteristic that distinguishes us: "Flexibility in packaging".