Company Info

The company "Danaflex" produces a wide range of flexible packaging, which are classified according to the packed products kind, the kind of packing equipment, the content of the packaging material.

Flexible packaging, produced by our company, may be used for packaging the following groups of goods:

Producers of dry pasta, cereals and other bulk products pay particular attention to the packaging, since film materials must be highly puncture resistant.

Danaflex offers a range of solutions for liquids including juices, soft drinks, soups (both cold and hot fill).

Worldwide, most mayonnaises, ketchups and other sauces are packed in stand-up pouches, or Doy Packs. These sauces tend to contain abrasive chemicals (acetic and citric acids, vegetable oils and fats).

Frozen food storage has demanded progress in preservation and storing technologies. Frozen ready-made meals, meat and fish, vegetables and fruits are established parts of the average persons diet.

Confectionary is among the most popular consumer goods category.
The key purpose of Danaflex packaging produced for this industry is to maintain the original taste of the product whilst providing eye-catching packaging and a high output on the filling machines.

Milk and dairy products require careful storing and protection from oxygen and sunlight.

  • Drinks

juices, water, different non-alcohol drinks, etc.

  • Dry drinks and sublimated products

coffee, tea, cocoa, dry mixtures, etc.

Producers of various household chemicals (from detergents, cleaners and soaps through to wet wipes) have equally high demands with regards to their product packaging.

  • Cosmetic products

liquid detergents, conditioners for washing machines, soap, cream, etc.

Nowadays more and more goods are undergoing packing processes. Our company offers a range of packaging solutions, be it for office goods, automobile, textile, construction or any other industries.

The evolution of pharmaceutical industry and the development of packaging materials for pharmaceuticals go hand-in-hand. We provide packaging for syringes, sachets, flow-packs, infusion solutions, retorting packaging, contraceptives, pills, BAAs, beauty products, etc.

The packaging and long-term storage of dry feed and hygienic pet litter demands a moisture penetration barrier as well as unreactive and high-quality packaging materials.

Proper allowance must be made for the low moisture and high fat content of snacks and their vulnerability to foreign odours in order to select the most suitable packaging material.


The equipment park includes modern high-tech printing machines, equipment for lamination and cutting from the best world manufacturers (Germany, Italy, France). A wide range of source materials from world leaders (Germany, Austria, Russia, Finland, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland) is used: paper, polypropylene, foil, polyethylene.