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Greiner Packaging

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Greiner Packaging is one of the leaders in the production of food and non-food plastic packaging in Europe. The network of efficiently operating companies in 19 countries makes Greiner Packaging an active player in the global market. The company is known for its high level of development and design, direct production and final decoration of packaging. The use of a wide range of technologies has helped it create unique packaging propositions for an exceptionally wide range of products for over 50 years.

Greiner Packaging as a manufacturer of plastic packaging is actively developing through three divisions: the Packaging division, which includes the K and Kavo groups, and the Assistec division.

The K Group of the Greiner Packaging Packaging Division creates unique packaging advantages in the form of plastic cups and lids. The Greiner Packaging Group K of the Packaging Division is the European leader in the supply of plastic packaging for the dairy industry, successfully serving the food packaging market.


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Packaging development

Many purchasing decisions are not made until the customer is in the store, at the point of sale. This makes the appearance of the product especially important, as it determines whether the customer will notice the product on the shelf, as well as his impression of it. In addition to the basic form of packaging, decoration and design play an important role in the purchasing decision. Creativity is key to successful decor, but quality and functionality are equally important.

Technology extending product life

Innovative barrier solutions add significant value to the packaging solution. Food packaging is not just an attractive way of packaging a product - it is a key factor in delivering filled content from the bottling plant to the consumer with the highest quality. Barrier solutions are very useful for content that requires a particularly high level of protection against external influences.

The Kavo Greiner Packaging Group creates unique packaging advantages in the form of plastic bottles and containers. The division's specialization in exclusive packaging solutions allows it to serve an incredibly wide range of markets: food, medicine, cosmetics, household chemicals, auto chemicals and custom packaging.

As a procurement partner for companies that use plastic in their business, Assistec offers customers product development, manufacturing, picking, logistics and service in one place. This division supplies products for the office and leisure, home and garden, health and beauty, passenger cars and SUVs, as well as the packaging industry and logistics.