Company Info

 CJSC NOTIS is a Russian company founded in the town of Berdsk (Novosibirsk region) on March 26, 1992. A team of design engineers, who had gained experience in design and production, was at the cradle of the company formation.

Production of weighing and packaging and food-processing equipment had been chosen as the main line of activities.
NOTISs major goal has always been to design and manufacture items of maximum achievable quality that sell for reasonable prices. Application of cutting-edge technology and automated weighing control systems ensures both the top operating speed and maximum accuracy.

We can satisfy virtually every requirement of our customers for weighing and packaging of any products due to the great experience attained by our design engineers and manufacturing department employees.

   ()At present the range of products manufactured under the NOTIS trademark includes:

  • Semiautomatic weighing and packaging equipment
  • Automatic weighing and packaging equipment (positioned vertically or horizontally, with the efficiency of 35 to 80 packages/min)
  • Combination weigh dispenser (multihead, high efficiency)
  • Multi-component dispensers
  • Automated lines for weighing and mixing of different loose and not readily loose products
  • Electronic weighing devices
  • Processing lines

By means of the equipment listed above our customers can achieve the quality and most efficient weighing and packaging of products in practically any weight range, such as: Loose products (groats, little rusks, macaroni, dried fruit, nuts, tea, sweets, seeds). Not readily loose products (flour, spices, milk powder, ground coffee, laundry detergent, paints). Piece- and frozen products (spice-cakes, biscuits, crackers, ravioli, vegetables).

NOTISs organizational structure comprises: Engineering and design department. Manufacturing department. Tool production. Marketing department. Servicing department. Starting from January 2004, continuous efforts to upgrade our products have allowed us to increase the warranty period to 18 months for nearly all of the manufactured equipment. In addition, the quality and performance reliability of the manufactured equipment have been duly certified.

Our companys policy aims at establishing long-term relations with our partners. Our experience tells us that a customer, who has at least a single piece of equipment manufactured by NOTIS, will contact our company again in the future. We provide efficient satisfaction of your demands for our equipment, technical support and training of your staff. For this purpose, a NOTIS representative office has been set up in Moscow, while the dealer network is steadily expanding. Our customers are located on the territory that stretches from Moscow to Vladivostok, in CIS countries, former Soviet republics and foreign countries. Today our partners are the following companies: Sibirskiy Bereg Trading House (Kirieshki dry bread snacks, Novosibirsk); Consensus Ltd. (Emelya dry bread snacks, Moscow); Bridgetown Foods Ukraine Corp. (Tri korochki dry bread snacks, Dneprodzerzhinsk); Megapolyus-Pack (Omsk); Mars Corp. (Omsk); Spice Food Ltd. (Almaty, Kazakhstan); Voskhod Bread-Baking Plant (Novosibirsk); ROTA International PTY.LTD (Sydney, Australia); EMPILS Corp. (Oreol paints, Rostov-on-Don); Oktyabrskaya Poultry Factory Corp. (poultry feed, Novosibirsk), and many others.

If you wish to learn more about our equipment and test-trial it, you can visit our show-room located at the listed address or consult our technical expert by phone.